• sanferno
    How to connect to my MS Azure RA-GRS storage account secondary location?

    I am able to connect to the main location of my account, let's say, "accountname" with CB Backup, Explorer and Drive, but I am unable to access the secondary read only access location.

    According to MS documentation this is accessed via "accountname-secundary".
    When I try to access a blob in both cases with Chrome, it works, so there must be something I am doing wrong.

    Could you please help me?
  • Denis Gorbachev
    Currently, we cannot connect to the secondary location on demand. Please, specify the use-case you believe that process would be necessary.
  • sanferno
    Well, the same as intended by Microsoft, getting read access to a secondary location is why I pay extra money for my Azure subscription. Getting read access from CloudBerry software would be perfect, specially when getting many files. :smile:

    Is that really difficult to implement? in the browser I only need to add "-secondary"
  • Denis Gorbachev

    If something is wrong with the files at the first location or the location is down - Microsoft will automatically allow us to work with the second location. So, we don't need to implement additional features.
    This is why I'm curious about possible use-cases you've encountered.
    Is that really difficult to implement?sanferno
    It won't be difficult to implement a method to access these files from Explorer, for example. But it would take time to implement a method to perform an additional check and connect to the secondary location from the backup.
  • sanferno
    It would be enough to have that feature in Explorer and/or Drive. For instance: when a storage account is added with "-secondary" tag, access it only as read only. Drive has this as an option already. I don't see no reason not to be able to access this copy when I can do it with a web browser.

    I know MS will eventually switch for primary to secondary on failure, but with RA-GRS I have the right to read that secondary location, with simple GRS, I canĀ“t.

    As for use-cases, this is one example: the other day I deleted a bunch of files by error, it would be a nightmare to recover them one by one with Chrome, but if I would have had access with CB Explorer or Drive, I could have accessed those files in order to try to copy them back to primary location (taking advantage of the delay in sincronization). Sadly, as things are now (tho CB products are good for me anyway) I had to reupload all the files again (about 1.5TB took be one week).

    I not asking for anything fancy, just access. I hope you understand my point. :halo:
  • Denis Gorbachev
    I not asking for anything fancy, just access. I hope you understand my point.sanferno

    It actually makes a lot of sense. I will add a feature request for both, Drive and Explorer. However, as this is the first request on the secondary Azure location, we would need time to overview and implement it (no ETA yet).
  • sanferno
    Thank you Denis, sounds so good.
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