• David Gugick
    We’re excited to announce the release of MSP360 Connect 3.1.
    MSP360 Connect is our simple and secure remote administration and support product.

    New Option to Simplify Connections with Remote User with a Single Click
    Approval options now include:
    • PIN (default) – remote user must relay PIN to the admin to approve the connection
    • Dialog – remote user can simply approve or decline the connection without a need to relay a PIN
    • Dialog and PIN (default for remote installations where the old "Prompt for incoming connection" option was selected) – remote user must approve the connection and provide a PIN to the admin

    The "Prompt for Incoming Connection" option has been removed
    • This option is superseded by the new Dialog approval options above

    Multiple Admins Connecting to the same Remote Computer
    • Multiple admins can now have simultaneous, full access when managing a remote system

    The PIN code reset option has been removed
    • Security: PINs now automatically change based on desired reset period (default = 1 Hour)

    Custom Passwords Security Change
    • Custom passwords provide an additional layer of security for unattended connections
    • When enabled, access to a remote Windows system requires the admin enter both the custom password and Windows authentication credentials

    Client 2FA Options have been Removed
    • 2FA should be enabled for all administrator logins in the management console using Settings – General - Force Two-Factor Authentication for all Administrators

    Other Changes
    • Minor text changes in Client (General tab)
    • Security: Improved authorization mechanism for incoming connections
    • File transfer: default path no longer needed
    • Minor bug fixes

    Please note that management console changes to manage new remote user confirmation options (PIN / Dialog), PIN rotation options, and other improvements will be added to the management console next week. We'll update this post when the management console update is released. In the meantime, you can set / change these options directly in remote agents.

    Vote for your desired features or submit new ones at our feedback board https://feedback.msp360.com/.

    To stay up to date with the latest product updates, subscribe to our change log: https://feedback.msp360.com/changelog.

  • David666
    Hi, the software is not working. This message appears:
    Immagine (25K)
  • David Gugick
    My understanding is that the hosting provider has a DNS issue that's affecting Connect. That should be addressed by tomorrow. I apologize for the inconvenience. If I get some additional information from the engineering team I'll post it here.
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