• donbryn
    The past few days CBB has taken over memory usage, hanging my mac. This is probably because one of my plans is still running initial backup. But I need to know how to manage the memory better.

    I found some instructions for the windows version concerning memory management, but cannot seem to find the same max memory setting in any pfiles on my mac. It is also not very clear if the "Memory Used" setting in the advanced tab is related to this same problem. CBB was using 9gb of memory yesterday and I only have 8 on my MAC! I think that was the cbbWebAccess process.

    I can't help save memory issues if I don't understand where the pfiles are, what the various settings do, and how CBB uses memory on the mac. Is there any mac user manual that goes into that much detail? Anyone know how to keep CBB from taking over my mac?
  • Gleb
    Hi .

    1. The memory usage is a bug. It is supposed to be fixed in this build - http://chilp.it/8a79448 (the link will only live for 1 week) - please give it a try.

    2. There is no such a manual yet (we plan to make one).
    The .plist is located here: /Library/LaunchDaemons/cloudberry-backup.plist
    I believe you won't need it after step 1

    3. The memory usage of plan worker process is the "memory usage" setting value + static less-than-30 MB for the libs.
    I don't remember that for cbbWebAccess but obviously it's not supposed to be that large, most likely below 50 MBs. Let me get back with the answer during the week.

    4. What else would you prefer us to include to the manual?
  • donbryn
    1) I'm overwhelmed with work but will try it out within the week.
    2) Found the pfile, but there's not much there. Definitely nothing about memory management. But thanks.
    3) I don't understand the first sentence. setting value + static. . .
    4) I'm really not trying to complain. I would like mostly a walk-through of the GUI and an explanation of each step. For example, I can't seem to make sense of the "Total file size" line, percentage, the files copied. . . It looks like the percentage is getting close to 100 (100% of what?) and then the files copied "of" increases! And the blue progress bar. . . what is it really keeping track of? The total backup, the current files? The "total tile size" means. . . a chunk of files as far as I can tell, but it's really not clear.
    When I edit the first plan, it always opens with all files unselected. . .doesn't remember selected files. But the second plan does. What exactly does "shrink database" do? Does Cloudberry keep a local database of the files on the remote storage? Or is it a database of files that need uploaded? I THINK CB is putting files together in a 'chunk' to upload, and that's what "chunk size" means, but I'm not sure. It isn't very clear what "Memory used" refers to. Is that real memory or disk space? From what I read in the Windows manual, this setting determines how much disk space is allowed for storage and after that it starts to eat up real memory. But that doesn't sound right.

    I think some questions might be solved with the Windows manual, but the GUI doesn't seem to be similar. Are you sorry you asked?
  • Gleb

    3. By this I mean the "total memory usage" = "static value" + "dynamic value".
    The dynamic value is what you can set in Settings > Advanced.
    The static value is ~30 MBs for the libs the app uses.
    Some more details on memory usage here: https://support.cloudberrylab.com/portal/kb/articles/backup-for-windows-how-to-increase-upload-speed

    4. No worries, it would be a valid complaint if it was one. Indeed the product needs more documentation. We know it and we have plans to introduce some.
    Moreover, a part of it is already done, just not published - for example, https://cloudberry.gitbook.io/cloudberry-backup-for-macos-linu

    I am not sorry I asked, quite the opposite, you are showing us what questions a user has when they use the app the first time. This is what we should consider in our Help material. Thanks for sharing!

    I will pass the info to the right department of ours.
    For now let me answer your questions:

    - Repository things are explained here: https://support.cloudberrylab.com/portal/kb/articles/backup-repository-explained - all the logic is the same in both Windows and Mac versions; GUI differs of course.

    - The progress bar heavily relies on how the app processes the large amount of files - by 1000.
    It puts ~1000 files to the backup queue and works with them (upload and all the local processing things).
    The progress bar indicates how things are going with the current queue, not the total number of files to backup.
    It would not be possible to change the progress bar without changing the whole queue architecture - so for now we have no plans about it.
  • Gleb
    By the way, we have just released Backup v with the memory leak fixed - it is available for download on our main website
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