• Radek Dolezel
    Is there any way how to initiate RA's session from 3rd party program, for example Devolution's Remote Desktop Manager? I've created a lot of TeamViewer entries in it and it would be nice to replace it with Remote Assistant's entries.
  • Gleb
    Hi , please specify the use case - what exactly are you trying to achieve in the end. I mean in terms of business logic. Is it any kind of integration or do you want to start a session to a machine when nobody is able to setup connection?
  • Radek Dolezel
    Is it possible to share a couple of screenshots with you so that it's not available to public? One screenshot would probably explain it better than thousand words. Let me post here non-sensitive screenshot now - as you can see RDM supports TeamViewer, VNC, Wayk Now.

    I asked Devolutions support if it would be possible to add CloudBerry Remote Assistant support and I received an immediate reply "Do you know if they have a command line for the integration?"
    RemoteDesktopManager64_2018-08-17_01-07-00 (177K)
  • Gleb
    , thanks for the screenshot. If you want to share more screenshots with me personally - drop them at [email was edited]

    What exactly does the RDM require for the integration?
    For example, would it suffice if it would attempt to start a connection to a specific host and use Unattended Access?
    CB RA uses a 9 digit PIN, how does one specify to which host to connect in RDM?
  • Radek Dolezel
    I am going to send you a couple of screenshots. It doesn't make sense to create Quick Support connections under RDM. It's used for TeamViewer Host installations only (aka running as windows service). TeamViewer UIN is static and password is predefined (static) too. In CloudBerry Remote Assistant it could be existing (and static) 9 digit number. And now it depends on what's possible - if it's possible to just launch RA's window with pre-filled 9 digit number or the existing username credentials and public key would have to be saved under RDM and it would be a single click in RDM which would result in an initiated RA's connection from my laptop to required remote computer.
  • Gleb
    , thanks for the details and the screenshots. The idea is pretty clear now.
    I've filed your request, we will discuss it internally.

    I will get back to you on here, on the forum, as soon as we have an idea of how and when it may be implemented.
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