• BillH
    I'm currently evaluating Cloudberry Backup for Windows and I'm having issues restoring older versions of files from backup. As a test I created a Word doc file and backed the file up after saving the tile. After the first save I created two more versions of the same file adding data to the file with each save and backup. After creating 3 versions of the file in my Cloudberry backup I created a one time restore asking that the 1st version of tile in my backup restore the current or newest file on my PC's hard drive. Although the history indicated that the restore was successful, I found that the restore changed the date/time stamp on the file but did not change the contents of the file to the contents of the file that existed when the first backup was taken. Note that I repeated this test with a second Word doc and the results were the same. Has anyone else experienced a problem with restores like this when the data is stored on Google Drive with encryption and compression? Being able to restore a newer version of a file with and older one is a very important issue for me as I've had issues where the current file gets corrupted and backed up requiring you to restore an older version just to get a non corrupt copy. I'm new to this product so If I'm possibly doing something wrong either on the backup or the restore, let me know. Thanks!
  • David Gugick
    I recommend you work with Support on your particular issue. Please send us the logs from the Tools - Diagnostic menu option and refer to this thread when submitting the information. Thanks.
  • Matt
    This is actually a known issue and the fix is in the works. It's exclusive to Google Drive and related to their internal versioning. Repository synchronization should be performed before any restore operations. It can be done via tools > options > repository.
    This problem does not occur with any other cloud storage provider, including Google Cloud.
  • BillH
    Thanks for the reply. This is exactly what I was seeing as I only had one copy of each file so since versioning is a big need Google Drive is out. After seeing this post and receiving your email I tried OneDrive since I also have space there but Cloudberry Backup cannot do encryption and compression with that repository either so today opened up an cloud storage account on Backblaze B2. The will provide 10 GB for free and 100 GB would only cost me $0.50 which is an insane price. I plan to do some additional testing but I'm assuming that this will be a better choice. I'll post an update when I'm finished testing. Thanks again.
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