• Alex
    Hello everyone!

    We are happy to announce that we've rolled out a long-awaited version of our Backup Agent which is now!

    In this release we have done:


    • Enhanced Hybrid Backup. Local and cloud files no longer form a dependency relationship and thus can be managed independently from each other. This enables more flexible modification of the existing Hybrid Backup plans and also fixes the inefficiencies of the previous implementation
    • CLI Refactoring
    • CLI: ability to create a restore plan
    • CLI: an option "repeat every"
    • Schedule type "daily repeat every N days" for backup
    • "Display password" option in the restore wizard


    • Improve performance for some SQL query
    • CLI: an option to enable synchronization before backup run. cbb editbackupplan -name planname -rotateDiskBackup true
    • Run full SQL backup automatically in case transaction logs backup fails
    • Hybrid backup: an ability to switch (aka convert, change) from standard mode without a necessity to backup everything from scratch
    • Disable VSS for small partitions (less than 500 MB) with label 'Windows Recovery Environment' or 'System Reserved'
    • Changed the logic for "Schedule a backup for the last day of a month" option


    • The discrepancy between the reported and the actual backup size
    • Failure to select Exchange 2016 databases
    • Identical prefixes for multiple servers
    • Enable backup of files with unsupported characters in filenames to Azure
    • Inability to edit an image-based plan with plan ID via CLI
    • Incorrect listing of OpenStack files
    • Deleting multiple files took an excessive amount of time
    • Incorrect Restore Wizard when restoring SQL files from the backup storage tab
    • Malfunctioning VMware backup after switching the product edition
    • Failure to restore an image-based backup to Microsoft Azure
    • Typo in IBB Item-level restore from File System account: replaced from "Cloud" to "Storage")
    • Changed wording in IBB/VM restore wizard
    • Restore Wizard: typo on the "Select Temporary Instance" page
    • Wrong steps in Restore wizard when coming back and choose another type of data
    • Error on an attempt to Restore Backup plan on "Backup storage"
    • USB flash does not contain credentials issue
    • Cannot edit the backup plan via CLI (source cannot be changed)
    • Errors during EC2 restore
    • Installation fails on Windows XP. A handle is invalid
    • Can't create VM restore plan to Azure VM - "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."
    • "Stop the plan if it runs for" discrepancy if value more than 24 hours
    • Failed to add an account by CLI
    • Changing storage class to SIA doesn't work via CLI

    Go ahead, request newer version under your MBS account and give it a try!

    Any comments - welcome!
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