• Alex
    Hello Everyone! Before going to Christmas and New Year Holidays we decided to present you several great things that we were working on. Please welcome, Managed Backup Service Management Console, version 4.3, December 19th.

    • Chain backups in Remote Management. Now on the "Pre/Post Actions" you can select which backup plan will be triggered after the certain one. Like you have it in the backup agent now
    • Backup History Visualization. A new option that is available under "Reporting" section. This will allow you to track backup jobs statuses for a longer period (one month in a row)
    • Ability to assign a storage account to a Company/Users right after adding. Now, once you add a new storage destination, you can immediately assign it to a Company or User
    • Overdue Status for backup plans. Now you can customize the period when backup plans will be alerted as Overdue. This option is available under "Schedule" for a backup plan

    • Enhanced homepage design with sections
    • Email Customization for VMware, MS Exchange, and MS SQL backup plans
    • Audit Log: Added IP Addresses to the Audit Log
    • Remote Management page performance optimization
    • Disabled the ability to apply a Lifecycle Rule in cases where fields are empty
    • Computer retirement from Remote Management page: Once a backup agent is uninstalled, the computer will be removed from the RM list (will work with backup agent 6.0 and higher)

    • Old / Non-existing volumes were shown on the Image-Based Backup plan edit
    • Invalid Partitions listing for MBR+GPT on RM page
    • Restore to Azure VM wizard didn't show computers on the 1st step in some cases
    • Backup History page: No backup plans are shown when data is loading
    • Administrators couldn't change the destination when creating a user in some cases
    • "Something goes wrong" while changing the Lifecycle Rules for AWS S3 in some cases
    • Products were not fetched from ConnectWise side
    • ConnectWise authentication issues with UI in some cases
    • RMM was not refreshed after force upgrade
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