• gregm

    My Cloudberry backups are installed on a Ubuntu servers in /opt/local/CloudBerry%20Backup/ and I uploaded the latest version of the .DEB package to /opt/cloudberry/.

    1. What is the CLI command to run the upgrade?
    2. Anything in particular that I should be careful with? I have licenses that run on Ubuntu 14, 16 and 18.

  • Gleb
    Hi ,

    1. The command is: sudo dpkg -i /new/package/name
    Moreover, we are working on an automated way to upgrade - you would only need to run one command to download and automatically install the latest updates.
    This is coming in one of the upcoming updates.

    2. Not really, we do run upgrades as part of our regular tests - nothing has come up for quite a long time (at least with the versions that are released).
    In case any new functionality is added or any existing functionality gets new options - the updated release will continue its prior behavior until changed manually.

    Let me know if other questions occur.
  • gregm

    Thanks you, that worked perfectly.
    3. How do I enable detailed reports via CLI?

    Also, just a quick note to say that the online doc was suggesting to use "dpkg -r" instead of "dpkg -i". Not sure is "-r" is working or safer?

  • Gleb
    Hi , sorry missed the notification somehow.
    We'll update the Help material soon. Here's the answer to your question:

    editBackupPlan and addBackupPlan have 2 separate options since v 2.8:
    -notification Specify to receive notification email - never (off), when backup fails (errorOnly) or in all cases (on). Note: notification settings must be configured separately, see 'cbb option -set n' for details. Possible values: errorOnly, on, off
    -dr Specify to generate detailed report. Does not function if notifications are disabled (off). Possible values: yes, no

    Please note that for Managed Backup detailed report is always enabled and should work always (starting with the upcoming MBS portal update).

    Also, just a quick note to say that the online doc was suggesting to use "dpkg -r" instead of "dpkg -i". Not sure is "-r" is working or safer?gregm
    As far as I'm aware, "dpkg -r" is for uninstallation and "dpkg -i" is for installation.
    Is there a resource where we mention it wrong? Please point me to it
  • gregm

    1. "dpkg -r", correct it's for uninstalling which is why I was confused with the doc at https://help.cloudberrylab.com/cloudberry-backup-mac-linux/cli/installing-cloudberry-backup which says:
    To update CloudBerry Backup to a newer version, execute the following command:
    sudo dpkg -r "installationPackageDirectory"

    2. I can't seem to get the -dr option to work, please see my commands:
    a. I set notifications on with "./cbb editBackupPlan -n myBackupPlan -notification on" even though it was already on.
    b. Then I set the notifications options "./cbb option -set -notification -e -u myChosenUserName -dr yes" which throws the error "Unexpected node : -dr"

    Not sure what I am doing wrong here, can you please advise / show an entire example?

  • Gleb

    1. Uh-oh, we'll fix that. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    2. There might be some confusion, let me clarify it.

    - There are global settings of email address and a human-readable name for the email notifications (the idea is: you configure it once and for all, and don't change it too often).
    - There are also plan-specific settings - whether to send the notifications or not and whether to make a detailed report or not (the idea is: you might want to have different settings for different plans).

    So here's two steps (talking about just one plan now):
    1. Set the global settings: "./cbb option -set n -e "email" -u "user name" "
    2. Set the plan-specific settings: "./cbb editBackupPlan -n planName -notification on -dr yes"
  • gregm

    Hi Gleb,

    I did exactly that but it still throws the same unexpected node error at me, as if "-dr" wasn't recognized in the second step:
    # ./cbb editBackupPlan -n myBackupPlan -notification on -dr yes
    CloudBerry Backup Command Line Interface started
    Unexpected node : -dr

    The first step ""./cbb option -set n -e "email" -u "user name" " is working just fine, I already had notifications, but I do it again just to follow instructions exactly.

    The error occurred exactly the same way on Ubuntu 14, 16 and 18 - three different servers running the latest version of CBB.

    Please advise.

  • Gleb
    , my bad, the "-dr" must actually be "-detailedReport". The rest is intact
    We've messed up with the documentation a bit
  • gregm

    It works just fine with "-detailedReport" now.
    Thank you.
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