• Glenn Curtis
    Having had a EULA email from TeamViewer about possibly using the product in a commercial context; I have decided to try your software.

    I basically have two PCs; one in the UK and the other in my holiday home in the US. Occasionally I connect to a friend's PC to assist him with computer problems. I also have another PC in another room that I connect to.

    Certainly never commercially and some months ago I explained to TeamViewer what I was doing. Things were quiet for a while and then today; having accessed my PC in the US remotely for a couple of minutes I got the email again.

    I had to use TeamViewer to install Cloudberry RA in the US but it worked without a hitch.

    I have the software installed and running on both ends without a problem.

    A few observations:

    When connecting to the PC; I can't use the PIN and have to use the local password on the PC I am connecting to. This is not really an issue for me but I am not sure of what the PIN is for.

    The list of PCs to Connect to seems only to be populated once you have connected to it from each PC. It would be nice to be able to have the same list that can be seen from anywhere. I guess this would need some sort of user login to Cloudberry and would require you to hold the information centrally.

    Regarding the toolbar at the top of the screen; if you are running full screen and have for instance Google Chrome running with multiple tabs; the toolbar is right over where the tabs are. I realise you can Auto Hide the toolbar but it would be useful if you could change the location of the toolbar so that it is out of the way. This could perhaps be on the left or right of the screen.

    File transfer works fine but like others have requested; a copy and paste facility would be welcome.

    I have only been using the software for a short time but so far I am impressed.
  • Gleb
    Hey , thanks a lot for your detailed feedback!
    Let me touch back on your points:

    - The PIN is useful when you're connecting to a PC where there's someone at. Kinda the opposite of Unattended Access.

    - The list of PCs is our roadmap, but frankly speaking I'm not sure if it will or will not be a part of the freeware version. The decision was not taken yet.

    - The toolbar thing is also on our radar.

    - File Transfer is due to improvements, obviously, that's just a matter of priorities at this point.

    Feel free to drop any thoughts you have about Remote Assistant here in this forum, we are checking it regularly.
    Or if you want to contact me personally, let me know, I'd be happy to.
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