• Kev
    Hi all - sorry in advance for what is probably a stupid question:

    I have some file buckets on AmazonS3, and have Cloudberry Drive on Windows PCs.

    Loving the fact that I can have a good old fashion file server, showing up as a bunch of folders/directories on a virtual drive letter in Windows, and drag & drop etc works in Windows Explorer.

    Is it possible to configure things above so that User 1 can open and edit a file (say a word doc, Excel spreadsheet or a powerpoint prez) in MS Office, and then "File, Save" it back to the bucket (folder), (overwriting the old version) safely ? Even if User 2 tries to open the same file in their own MS Office on their own PC..? I'd naively(?) expected some kind of file locking to stop User 2 from opening the file if User 1 had already opened it (and vice-versa)...

    It obviously doesn't work the way I have things set up right now (because we have had a whole series of files getting corrupted - I assume because we've had one user open the file and then a second user open the same file, and Microsoft Office throws it's toys out of the pram, some time later - the next time anyone tries to open the file that "seemed" to have saved OK before.....). Some I was able to recover, but some were so screwed up I lost the data.

    Everything has been cool for quite a while (but then I was using the bucket only for my own personal use so never had a second user accessing it). Recently decided to have an assistant do some edits for me, and then the problems started....

    Am I pushing the capability of S3 and Cloudberry too far? Am I being an idiot for assuming that I can set by buckets up as an old fashioned file server like I used to be able to do in the 1980's and 90's ?

    Or is there some configuration settings somewhere that I am missing that will get me back on track?

    Many thanks for any feedback,

  • Sergey N
    Hello Kev,

    In this case the feature is partially implemented, we have an option called MS Office files lock control, it is hidden in the mapped drives - advanced settings, which will effectively notify the user that is trying to open the file already in use about it. There are no plans so far to develop this feature further. Let me know if you have any other questions.
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