• Marc Elser

    I'm currently evaluating CloudBerryBackup but as I can not manage to upload my first initial image upload (1.55TB) I don't think I'll buy a license unless somebody can help me with this.

    The point is my bandwidth is quite small (12MBit or ~1.4MB/sek) and I can not leave the machine running for weeks until it uploaded 1.55TB. So I mostly let it upload over the night but it seems when I stop the process and resuime it always resumes my "c:" partition from 0%. The parition is around 100GB but the upload never completes in one night. And I actually don't want to know what happens when cbb hits my "D:" and "E:" partitions which ar around 400 + 500GB in size, will they ever complete or also restart at 0% always? Then I'll definitly ditch cbb.

    What I don't get is why does the upload of my "c:" partition always restart at 0% when I run the backup job again. I've already set my threads count to 1 and chunk size to 10MB to maximize the bandwidth for one single file beeing uploaded but still it restart from scratch each and every night I restart it.

    I'm using Azure Archive Storage as backend. Any idea why cbb keeps restarting at 0% always instead of resuming?
  • Sergey N
    Hello Marc,

    In this case we need to see how does the situation look from the software's POV. Please navigate to Tools - Diagnostic - fill in the info and press Send, our Support Team will take a look and get back to you with the possible solution. Thank you.
  • Marc Elser
    I've sent the logs now
  • Mark Pavlak
    Was this resolved? My issue is similar.
  • Matt
    We received the logs from Marc and it seems to be a known issue related to image-based backups to Azure. Fix is planned for version 6.1. You can send us diagnostic logs via tools > diagnostic menu with reference to this thread so we can confirm that.
  • Kirk Alexander
    We have a similar problem, and wondered about making that initial backup to an external drive (SSD), bringing that drive to a local that has 1Gbps upload speed, and restoring it from there... but then would the client's local instance of CBB update that which we restore from our office?
  • Matt
    Make sure you're doing everything according to this guide: https://help.cloudberrylab.com/cloudberry-backup/miscellaneous/seeding-data/step-1.-backing-up-data-to-external-storage except the "Modifying Data Structure in the Storage" part, it's only relevant for older versions of the software.

    The issue itself seems to be related to using Cool storage class in Azure, so for hot blobs it should work fine. There are currently no news on the release date for version 6.1, unfortunately.
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