• Derry
    I am one day into my trial of Cloudberry Backup Personal for Linux, and am impressed so far. This is one of three posts regarding problems I'm encountering.

    I want my backups to be stored on the "Backup" share of a fairly old NAS on my network named GROUPER. I've been unable to specify it directly as a storage account. Following documentation, I do the following:

    * Settings/Storage
    * File System
    * Display name: Grouper File Backup
    * Local container: //GROUPER/Backup/

    But the "OK" button stays grayed out so it is not possible to proceed.

    My computer doesn't have any trouble reaching this share. Samba is installed, and using smbclient I am able to open the share, list the contents, and create and remove a directory. Using Dolphin (this is an OpenSUSE system using KDE) I am able to add the remote location "smb://grouper.lan/Backup" and then view and manipulate the contents. I've tried variations of the local container name like "\\GROUPER\Backup\" and "//grouper.lan/Backup/" with no luck. No matter what I type the OK button is never enabled.

    At present I'm able to work around this by mounting the share to /mnt/grouper-backup-dest/ and then specifying that as the local container. Even that is a little challenging, though: I have to mount it first with the options file_mode=0666 and dir_mode=0777 so CBB is able to test the location, and then remount it later with file_mode=0600 and dir_mode=0700 to prevent access by unauthorized users (the backup plan runs as root).

    I should also admit that this older NAS only supports SMB version 1.0. I had to supply appropriate parameters to deal with this when configuring Samba and when mounting the share. Also this older NAS does not support SFTP, only FTP, so that's not an option either.

    Does anyone know how to directly access an SMB share? Thanks.
  • Alexander Negrash
    The workaround you have set up is the only way to use it as a storage destination. You can also try to install to deploy Minio to your NAS, but not sure if it will have enough resources to accommodate it since it's an old device.
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