• BillH
    I'm looking for some insight into a difference that exists between my Windows 10 backup and my Windows 11. I've migrated from my ancient Windows 10 rig to a new Windows 11 rig. My old rig had Cloudberry backup version and my new Windows 11 rig has MPS360 backup version
    I went out to BackBlaze and created a new bucket for my Win 11 rig and successfully backed up my new PC. My plans on both my old PC and New PC are configured for compression and encryption. My concern is this..... When I look at my Windows 10 bucket and view my file list what I see is the file and folder tree where I can see the folder and file names, etc. However, when I did the same on my new PC it shows certain files with long names but not the folder and file names like my Win 10 PC does.

    I contacted Backblaze and they indicated that it was MPS360 that stored encrypted files on their servers and that because of the encryption one cannot view the folder and file names of the backup. That's easy to say but since compression and encryption were both turned on in plans on both systems why isn't the format the same? It seems to me that what's in both my old bucket and new bucket should look the same. Can anyone explain what the difference is and suggest a way to be able to see the folders and files but still have encryption on? Thanks
  • Alexander Negrash
    Most likely, your old backup was created with the legacy backup format, where even if you have encryption and compression enabled and "file-name encryption" disabled, you will be able to see the file and folder structure if you look directly in the storage.

    I assume your new backup plan was created with the new backup format, the default format now. The new format utilizes a different approach to processing and storing data. It packs data into archives and uploads to the storage. It allows for faster uploads, deduplication, and much more. You can learn more about the new backup form in this article
  • BillH
    Thanks for the feedback. I had a lot going on in my personal life when the new backup format became available and missed the details. I seldom went out to BackBlaze to look at the data there and even then it may have only been to manually remove a file that I felt might have been orphaned due to it being incorrectly backed up in the first place or that I determined that it no longer needed to be backed up. Actually, I only use MP360 to backup files that are critical that may change on a daily basis and everything else is backed up using Macrium Reflect to a local external drive.

    Just a follow-up question for you.... My backup plan is doing what it's supposed to but let's say that I change the plan and decide that I no longer need to backup a file. I've always been a bit fuzzy on what happens to the existing file that's already backed up. Does MP360 know that since it's no longer tagged for backup that it should be removed from BackBlaze?
  • Alexander Negrash
    The file will be removed according to the retention policy you specified in the backup plan
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