• Dustin
    Hello all,

    I'm trying to figure out how I add licenses to my account. I have several computers added and running trial licenses but I have no options to buy a full license. I activated my account and it charged me $1 for a credit but that is the only buy option I have. I can Add additional credits but have no idea what to do with those credits. I've been told that my trial license will convert to full licenses but I have one backup that is approching its trial size limit and I don't want to wait 13 more days for the trial to expire before I can keep using it. Thanks for any advice.
  • Alexander Negrash
    Your trial licenses will convert to paid in 15 days after the activation. Speaking about storage, you can switch to a paid mode by clicking subscribe at https://mspbackups.com/AP/EditAccount.aspx
  • Dustin

    I do have a paid storage account linked to the backup through Backblaze and that seems to be working. It didn't stop at the 1TB limit which is what I was afraid of. My license still says trial version and I have no Subscribe buttons at all that I can see in my console. As long is the backup keeps going beyond the 1TB limit I was told the trial version is limited to though I can wait for the trial to roll over to a full license. I'm just hoping that happens though as again I don't have any subscribe button and the only purchase options I have are to buy $1 credits.
  • Alexander Negrash
    1TB limit applies to MSP360 storage trial only. If you are connected to a 3rd party storage, there is no limit.

    Speaking of licenses, we charge for the actual license usage at the start of the next month, e.g. you pay for licenses used during the previous month. Once your trial license comes to an end it will be automatically converted to a paid license and at the beginning of next month your account will be charged for the days outside the trial period. No action needed on your end
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