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    We are happy to announce the release of MSP360 RMM 2.0.

    1. Tagging for computers and support for tags in RMM group action tasks
    We have now added tags to help you group computers within companies or between companies however you like, for example by location or by type. Moreover, you can assign these tags to your scheduled operations (group action tasks) in RMM. And you can also filter alerts in Alert History by these tags.

    2. Integration with WinGet for 3rd party app management
    You can now use MSP360 RMM to install and update 3rd party applications that are present in the WinGet repository - no extra agents needed, everything works through integration with WinGet which is by default part of Windows 10 and newer Windows desktop operating systems. The option to install and update 3rd party applications is available both through the RMM panel for individual computers and in scheduled operations for multiple computers (group action tasks).

    3. Interactive PowerShell console
    You can now work in the PowerShell terminal through RMM the same way as you would directly on the computer, using variables, executing dependent commands one after another, etc.

    4. Improved process to add new scripts to Script Library
    The dialog to add new scripts to Script Library is now a lot easier to navigate. You are no longer required to create a category for new scripts, and if you do create you categories, you can now easily manage them.

    5. Improved display of information about installed and available Windows updates
    The display of information about installed Windows updates is now consistent with how available Windows updates are displayed. And in addition to that you can now see installation dates for installed Windows updates.

    6. Export to CSV for all the tables in the RMM side panel
    You can now easily export to CSV not just the basic computer info for a specific computer, but also many other details of what's going on with the computer, including:
    - Running processes
    - Installed services
    - Installed software
    - Available Windows updates
    - Installed Windows updates
    - Installed hardware
    - Installed printers
    - Installed antivirus products
    - Created Hyper-V virtual machines

    7. Adjustable timeout for execution of scripts in group action tasks
    If you use certain scripts in your scheduled operations (group action tasks) that take a lot of time to execute, you can now make sure that RMM receives results of their execution by increasing tracking timeouts for required scheduled operations.

    8. Other minor improvements and bugfixes

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