• Sergey N
    We're pleased to announce that MSP360™ Remote Assistant for iOS 1.0.0 has been released in the Apple App Store. The beta period is over, and now you can enjoy the full product and install it directly from the App Store.


    MSP360™ Remote Assistant for iOS provides a convenient user interface that makes controlling the remote machine easy and comfortable on any iOS and iPadOS device. And that's just the beginning: This is only the first version of the application, and many additional features will be arriving in future releases.

    Main Features

    • Remote Control: Use MSP360™ Remote Assistant for iOS as a remote control tool to deliver quick support or unattended access with encryption.
    • Meetings: Participate in meetings while out of the office or traveling.
    • VoIP: Chat with your remote peers using voice instead of the keyboard (background VoIP supported).
    • Text Chat: Use your keyboard if you are not able to talk.
    • Quick Actions: Send key combinations directly to the remote machine.

    As always, the MSP360™ team is committed to designing a remote tool that you will enjoy using. We plan to add new features with each release, so we encourage you to share your feedback. Feel free to download MSP360™ Remote Assistant for iOS and enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed developing it for you.

    Visit the MSP 360™ website to download and install MSP360™Remote Assistant for iOS.
  • John McLeod
    Just D/L and installed. Looks a lot like teamviewer. I use Kaseya, but have used several other remotes. My question is, IS the IOS and MACOS msp360 remote assistant the same control module? Or is the macos module the same?
    Also are the modules listed separately in the Apple Store?
  • Sergey N

    Hello John,

    My question is, IS the IOS and MACOS msp360 remote assistant the same control module?John McLeod

    That is correct, all the modules utilize the same engine and API. The host for macOS version is coming a bit later during next year.

    Also are the modules listed separately in the Apple Store?John McLeod

    iOS version is already in the AppStore, macOS version is coming to AppStore a bit later during next year.

    Let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you.
  • Yoshi
    I've encountered a problem with iOS application. Typing regular text works as usual, but input of numbers does not work. The numbers act like shift-key is constantly pressed, so for example typing in "1" from iOS keyboard is received as "!" on the remote computer input.
  • David Gugick
    Which Version of iOS are you using?
  • David Gugick
    Can you tell me about the computer you are connecting to? Windows version, default language? I'll have to pass this issue to the iOS team.
  • Yoshi
    Windows 10, fresh install with finnish default language.
  • Sergey N
    Hello Yoshi,

    This is an interesting issue indeed as we are using the native system key-presses on iOS. We are currently looking into the issue and will definitely fix it in one of the upcoming versions. Thank you for reporting it.
  • Yoshi
    It definitely is. I tried to get around it by using on-screen keyboard, but that also is typing the same wrong characters altough a number is selected with pointer.
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