• Ben Krause
    I have used another software in the past where we would backup locally to the hard drives of a Hyper-V host on the network which gave us the ability to virtualize the backup files into a Hyper-V guest on that host without having to go through a full restore.

    This is useful if a server being backed up goes down and you need to get that server OS/data/applications back up and running as quick as possible. Having this backup to virtualized guest feature would allow us to get the failed server running under a virtual machine again in about 15 to 20 mins. Then while the original server was getting fixed, users would continue to use the virtualized backups hyper-v guest to work--which we would also continue to backup to a new backup set. Once the original server was working again, we would restore from the new backup set we were using and there would be minimal downtime.

    My question is if CloudBerry backup supports something similar or plans to support something like this in the future?
  • Matt
    If you're just referring to physical to virtual migration currently you can restore that backup as a virtual disk file and mount it anywhere you want. The procedure is described here https://help.cloudberrylab.com/cloudberry-backup/restore/restore-an-image-based-backup/step-5-specify-the-restore-destination/restore-to-virtual-disk
  • Ben Krause
    No what I mean is that a restore does not have to be done from the backups. The most recent backup, along with it's relevant chain files get mounted as a vhdx in Hyper-v. They had a plugin where you could right click any backup file and select "VirtualBoot" and it would go through the process of mounting the backup, building the virtual machine, and booting the virtual machine under Hyper-V. This way it only takes 10 to 15 minutes to get up and running again because you don't have to actually wait on a full restore to vhdx process to complete.
  • Matt
    Currently I can offer the following setup:
    1) Clone that machine(maybe even by restoring vmdk preemptively)
    2) Install our software in restore only mode and point it to the same storage destination while the backups are running on the original machine
    3) In case of disaster recovery perform file-level restore on that clones VM and continue working on it.

    It's not really an optimal solution, but as of now we don't have the exact functionality you want.
  • Ben Krause
    Okay thanks. I just wanted to see if it was a feature you all had already. I suppose I will post a suggestion for this in the suggestions board.
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