• Novus Computers
    Small feature idea here. Would be really great if the error message for a failed backup was included in the Windows Eventlog entries. Currently there is a lot of redundant information included in the entries but no way of actually retrieving the error message itself from the event viewer.

    Having this functionality would make life a lot easier when it comes to things like running scripts to monitor for backup failures vs false positives.
  • David Gugick
    Are you seeing an error message on the plan itself in History or is the History - Plan Message empty and there is only 1 or more File related errors reported in history with descriptions. I'll check with engineering, but I suspect that the Plan has no error message and there were one or more file related messages. Since those file messages can be many and different from one another, I suspect that's the reason there is no detail in the Event. Meaning, it requires the admin have a closer look to understand everything that occurred. But I will verify with the team and see what can be improved.
  • Novus Computers
    Hi David,

    In my experience there is always an error message whenever a backup/restore fails. The messages can be things like:

    "The remote name could not be resolved: 'ws.mspbackups.com'"
    "Cannot access X file(s) because they are being used by another process"
    "Warning. One or more backup paths don't exist"

    These messages are included in the email notifications if they are set up but they are not included in the Windows Event Log entry. Having this functionality would be beneficial as it can be used to trigger varying automated actions based on what error occurs.
  • David Gugick
    I checked with the team and this requirement has already been created in our product requirements and is expected to be released in the 6.2 version. I've added your comments to the existing requirement. I don't have a release date at this time, but it's coming. Thanks for the request.
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