• Luke M

    I'm new to MSPBackups, and Arthur and Ivan have been a great help.

    However I keep running into issues when not being able work on machines that are offline. Currently, if they are offline I cannot:

    • Change their product type (and assign a different license)
    • Change their configuration/plan, or even view plan details
    • See the specific details of a failed backup
    • See files and folders that have actually been backed up
    • Remove the machine

    I'm not an MSP, but rather doing international internal IT. But I think this applies to all MSP's as well. I will be deploying to about 100 workstations in different timezones. And we have endpoints that are not always online. So, in order to do any work on a system, it has to be online.

    Ivan explained that the backup history and configuration is stored in the software repository on the endpoint, rather than Cloudberry servers or in the cloud storage.

    We are managing 100% of the configuration, with users not having access to the GUI.

    So, my specific feature requests:

    (1). Be able to view backup history when the endpoint is offline
    (2). Be able to drill down through the files/folders that are being backed up by the current plan
    (3). Be able to "queue" configuration/plan changes for endpoints. I know I can setup a rule to remote deploy when the system comes back online... but this is limited in functionality if I cannot access the custom backup plan for that endpoint.

    Are there any potential plans to help address these issues? Even if keeping a copy of the repo on a CB server or in the cloud storage that we could use in "offline access mode" just to view the details. But again, being able to queue up changes seems like something that exists in most remotely managed solutions.

    Right now, I basically have to just wait for the system to come online, and then jump on it to complete the required work. Even in testing with a few endpoints I've already had times where I've missed the system being online. Also, as I'm trying to customize our backup plans, I want to be able to see what all files have been backed up.

    A potential short term solution could be setting up an alert for when the system comes online. I'm "cheating" by having the plan backup immediately if it missed a scheduled backup, and then using notifications through email and/or the mobile app to let me know it's online. But, this isn't the best experience.

    Thanks for taking the time to discuss this!

  • Matt
    All of those improvements(and more) are actually already on our road map. Passed all of this info to our dev department and added your email to the notification list, so you'll receive an email when such features are implemented.
  • Luke M
    Thanks Matt. Is there a forecasted development plan in general that is shared?
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