• SuTol
    It's lovely to see a free initiative like Remote Assistant, thank you for that!

    As a new owner, I have some questions for things I couldn't figure out.
    Automatic startup: For instance, when we've had a power outage in our office I need to log in to a PC and start some s/w.
    When using TeamViewer, I could just wait for the PC to start and take over from the login screen.

    Whenever a PC is reset for any reason I can't reach it using Remote Assistant until someone on the other side actually logs in to that PC and starts Remote Assistant. I can't find any options to make Remote Assistant initiate at startup, but I do see it as a feature.
    Am I doing something wrong?

    I've been able to use the windows passwords on all PC's as an alternative for the ever changing PIN codes. However, there's one PC in the network which simply doesn't allow me to do that.
    I asks for the pin code, and simply doesn't show the option to login using windows password.
    I've installed the s/w in the same way as on the other systems, so ..I'm puzzled as to what's going wrong there.
    Anyone who knows how to resolve that?
  • Gleb
    Hello , thanks for your kind feedback.

    With CloudBerry Remote Assistant this should be pre-configured - here's the howto. In this case RA will run a system service that is listening for incoming connections right after the system boots up (and the network is online, of course).

    In case Unattended Access is enabled and RA still expects only the Pin - try restarting the service on the remote host side.
    This is not an expected behavior so please inform our Support Team of the misbehavior.
  • Willem
    I had the same PIN problem on a new Lenovo laptop. I uninstalled and re-installed Cloudberry and it fixed the problem. It also kept the same ID and all settings.
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