• Bob Easton
    First message is: Warning. Access to one or more backup paths is denied.
    Detailed messages for 3 of 13 files is: database disk image is malformed

    CBB is Windows Desktop Edition. The backup profile is from local disks on a Windows 10 system to a hard drive on a LAN attached Windows 10 system.

    A full chkdsk on the target hard drive finds no errors.

    What should I try next?

  • Matt
    Repository database is corrupted, so you need to recreate it.

    - Open Backup software and make sure there are no running plans
    - In the left bottom corner right click "Backup Service" and choose "Stop Service". Do the same for RM Service if you can see it.
    - After that close Backup software interface.
    - Navigate to the database location: C:\ProgramData\CloudBerryLab\CloudBerry Backup\Data
    - Delete "CBBackup.db"
    - Launch Backup software, the repository sync process will be started automatically.
    - You will need to start Backup Services back manually - the same way you stopped them.

    You can monitor the progress on Welcome tab under the Storage Accounts section
    When sync is complete, you can see backed up data on the Backup Storage tab and continue working with the backup.
  • Bob Easton
    THANKS Matt!
    Recreating the db makes sense. It was the correct sequence I was missing. Will do this evening, after completing other home repair tasks. :)

    Much appreciated!
  • Bob Easton
    Success. Thanks again.
  • Alan Zimmerman
    Hi, Thanks for this post. We are also experiencing the error, but the steps above did not resolve it for us, can you please help?

    ERROR - Error on initializing connection file: <c:\programdata\cloudberry backup enterprise edition\data\cbbackup.db>

  • Matt
    Please send the logs to us via tools > diagnostic menu. Don't forget to mention this thread in the issue description. I'll check the logs.
  • Alan Zimmerman
    Sorry Matt, There was an issue sending the logs, so I have attached it here. Thanks again for you help.
  • David Gugick

    Please avoid posting LOG files to the public forums. The logs may contain information you do not want in the public domain. I have deleted the file from your post and passed it to Matt directly.
  • Alan Zimmerman
    Ok, thank you David, sorry about that and thanks for letting me know.
  • Matt
    One log file is usually not enough, but I can say a couple of things based on it:
    1) You're using a version that is way outdated, so it's better to update the software. Note that due to the age of this version it's better to uninstall it first and then install the latest one.

    2) I see a lot of Disk I/O errors, which can point to 2 things:

    a. Your HDD is in a bad shape, so it's better to run disk health check either via native Windows means or using 3rd-party software

    b. If the database is pretty big in size most likely you have NTFS Compression enabled for that volume, which prevents it from growing/syncing, so it's better to disable it.
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