• LeeF
    I have a NAS with 4 shares that I would like to back up nightly to separately a pair of external drives (full backup to each on alternate nights for redundancy.) My question starts with the heart-dropping realization that even with the paid desktop version, it only backs up one network share. But now I am seeing that I can create a separate plan for each share and actually can backup all the shares that way. My question is if that is in fact the best solution - or is there a more elegant way to do this. With four different shares and two different drives, I have eight plans. I feel like maybe I'm missing something more obvious and simple in setting this up.

  • Anton Zorin
    , you can back up multiple shares with a single plan, but you gonna need a license that supports a sufficient number of shares. Please check the license comparison page.
  • LeeFAccepted Answer
    Considering that all my data can be backed up with either multiple plans for each share or a more expensive single plan covering multiple shares, is there any real functional advantage to the latter beyond convenience in seeing up mite plans and schedules?
  • LeeF
    seeing up mite plans = setting up more plans
  • Ethan Sed

    The main advantage would be indeed a convenience granted by controlling the entire backup with a single plan (scheduling, retention, etc.) as well as the fact that you wouldn't need to worry about eight plans potentially conflicting / slowing down the performance of each other as they use the same destination.
  • Steven Turnbull
    What's disgusting is that this is a loss of functionality.

    I have just fired off a very irate message to CloudBerry as I've had to migrate a client to a new FreeNAS server due to a disaster and just found out we can no longer do this.

    The same subscriptions we've always had let us this but now existing plans using multiple mapped drives/UNC paths can no longer be amended or even new plans created to backup those shares on a single server.

    We have to use this functionality to backup this FreeNAS server via a Windows machine, now that we've had to migrate that to another box I can't do it.

    Asked for a refund as the licenses were recently renewed and I won't be buying more when anymore expire, it's contemptible.
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