• Aaron S
    Hi everyone
    First, I would like to say I have been using Cloudberry Backup products for a few years now, with great success. That being said, I have run into my first problem. We have the CBB Ultimate version running on a Windows Server 2012 R2 machine. Recently we noticed our daily file backup routine started eating up the server's memory so we decided to try and update the application to the newest version today (I cannot recall the exact version we were running on previously but it was a version that supported the one-click update).
    After checking for and finding an available product update to install, the CBB app closed down to begin installation. At this point it seems to have uninstalled the current version completely from the system, without installing the newest version.
    My question is should I simply re-download the full version of the product and re-install from scratch?
    After the CBB update window disappeared, we simply left the server alone, hoping it would eventually reappear. It has been about 30 minutes, an nothing has reappeared.
    In Windows Task manager, I do see a process called "CommandLine" which seems to be active and seems to originate from the "Cbb" application (located in C:\ProgramFiles\Cloudberry Labs\Cloudberry Backup\
    Should we just continue to wait for awhile to see if the update process re-starts, or is it safe to try and reinstall from scratch?

    Thank you for your assistance
  • Anton Zorin
    , thanks for reaching out.
    Please try reinstalling manually and once the product is there and can be started please go to Tools->Diagnostic, add the link to this thread to the comment field (the big one) and click Send to Support.
    We’ll check the diagnostic logs and advise why the auto update didn’t go through. Where the application is being uninstalled, the logs are being left intact for further investigations if needed.
    Thank you,
  • Aaron S
    Hi Anton
    Thank you for the quick response! I apologize, I had to send the diagnostic log twice (I forgot to include a link to this post in the first one). You can ignore the first one if needed.
    Also, I wanted to let you know that the update process eventually finished on its own after roughly an hour. I came back to the server and noticed the desktop shortcut to CBB was back (it was removed during the update process). We also noticed that during the update process, there was a good amount of disk read activity on the following file: C:\ProgramData\CloudberryLab\CloudBerry Backup\data\cbbackup.db
    I assume this is the database file containing our file structure, version information, etc. The file is about 15GB in size. The main reason we updated to the newest version is to try and solve what appeared to be a memory leak in the application. We noticed our last backup did not complete successfully. It was stuck at about 93%. In addition, the application was taking up a large percentage of available memory (the server was running at about 98% RAM utilization). We ended up having to force stop the backup to get the server back to normal. We also noticed the system was also reading the cbbackup.db file during the high memory utilization.
    Can you let me know if the log files show any issues?
    Thank you again for looking at this for us!
  • Matt
    Replied to you in the ticket, I'll provide the short version of the results of the investigation here. Checked the logs with my level 3 colleagues, and currently it looks like a database indexation occurred during the update, so the problem will not reoccur. The size of the database is a little too big, in my opinion, so please proceed with syncing every account like I described below.

    For now, I suggest to continue communication in the ticket.
  • Aaron S

    Thank you! I received the ticket email so I will continue communication there. I will also perform a re-sync of our repositories. Thanks again for your quick response and assistance!
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