• Jordan Reese

    The way I typically setup my backups is incremental forever with synthetic full. When I reach the set number of incremental backups, it rolls the oldest incremental into the full. Is CBB Desktop capable of this to local storage? I prefer to run this way due to space constraints.

    I have noticed that If I don’t enable full backups in CBB Desktop, it will not delete any of the old incremental leading me to believe it is not capable of rolling incremental into the full or functioning in an incremental forever way.

    I’m fine with it if it not able to do that if the behavior below is possible when backing up to local storage. Otherwise, I am stuck with hours long full backups which sucks.

    Is it true that the synthetic full in CBB Desktop allows creation of a new full by merging the previous full and all incremental together plus the new changes? Will this work on local storage?

    I may be missing something, so maybe you can guide me.

    I am running CBB Desktop for Windows

  • David Gugick
    Can you confirm you are performing Image backups and not File/Folder backups? If so, then synthetic full backups are only currently supported with cloud storage (Amazon S3, Wasabi, Backblaze B2, and Azure) when using the new backup format. The legacy image backup format does also support synthetic fulls to a few cloud storage vendors.
  • Jordan Reese
    I am running image. I tried a folder based and got the same results. Should it work under folder based?
  • David Gugick
    if you're using the legacy format for file folder backups, then they are incremental forever. The only time we do a full is the very first time. After that only new and change files are backed up. If you use the new backup format for file folder, then yes you will have to run a periodic full of the data, and the same thing applies to image backups with the new backup format. That is, synthetic full backups will be performed on the cloud storage providers I mentioned and will not be performed yet for local backups. For that reason, you may prefer using the legacy backup format for file folder backups if that's what your need is. I do not recommend performing image-based backups if you only need file backups, but some customers do that and if that's your case and that's what you prefer then that's fine.
  • Steve Putnam
    As an MSP customer, I whole-heartedly endorse what David G is saying.
    The new format is great for Cloud Image and VHDx backups - as long as you are using a cloud vendor that supports Synthetic fulls. We previously used Google Nearline storage for the Image/VHDx backups, but they did not support synthetic fulls, so we moved them to Backblaze B2 (Not Backblaze S3 compliant) and it has ben absolutely fantastic!
    Full Image/VHDx uploads to the cloud that used to take three days are done in 12 hours or less.
    For standard file-based backups (cloud and local) , we plan to keep using the legacy format so that there is no need to re-upload the entire data-set.
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