• David Gugick
    We’re excited to announce that Remote Desktop has a new name, MSP360 Connect, and it’s more powerful than ever. MSP360 Connect is our simple and secure remote administration and support product.

    We’ve greatly improved the internals and performance, setting the stage for many new features to come.

    Better Direct Connections and Faster Performance
    Connect 3.0 now implements the WebRTC transport protocol. WebRTC is an open-standard project for providing applications, web browsers, and mobile applications with real-time communication.The WebRTC transport protocol is more efficient, faster, and allows for most connections to be direct for even better performance.

    In future releases, the addition of WebRTC will allow true, browser-based connections. For now, though, you’ll get the benefit of more direct connections and faster performance.

    Other Changes
    Unattended access now supports a Windows password copy / paste function. If you’re using a password manager / credential database with long, complex passwords that are difficult to type, this new feature will allow you to securely paste the Windows password to establish a remote session.

    Connect 3.0 is inspired by the valuable feedback from our community. We have a rich roadmap for the product and you can expect many new features to be released in the future. We hope you enjoy using Connect as much as we enjoy creating it for you.

    Vote for your desired features or submit new ones at our feedback board https://feedback.msp360.com/. To stay up to date with the latest product updates, subscribe to our change log https://feedback.msp360.com/changelog.

  • Jared Pickerell - DCEduCoop
    I can understand why the decision was made (from a business perspective), but not a huge fan of the change to paid unattended access with no warning. I do like the enhancements and progress being made, but not letting folks know this feature was being turned off before an automatic update wasn't a great experience. I currently have 4 devices at 4 schools that I was remoting in to periodically, and to all of a sudden be told I couldn't do an unattended session, was an unpleasant surprise to say the least!

    For temporary fix/workaround, I've rolled back these 4 machines and set to not auto-update)

    I also have it on my personal home PC, and I'll never be there to accept an incoming connection, so not sure if you're wanting to force a paid subscription for those scenarios? I also have the software on our church Media PC, and may connect in to it to do something remotely periodically (even when no-one is there). Same for my Dad's home PC. I might connect into it to look at something when at a time he is not there to let me in. Those three scenarios are not paid solutions, so for me to pay to connect into those three, makes me want to look for another free solution for those particular cases. And I'd understand if you were OK with that from a business standpoint, just stinks for those of us who may be using it for non-interactive personal or small use-case scenarios.

    I am considering the purchase of (a) license(s) for my 4 school locations (, but still doesn't make sense for me to pay for the personal use cases).

    Don't want to come across as ungrateful for a product that I have not been paying for up to this point, but figured you deserved some honest feedback.

  • Bruce Tyson
    Thanks Jared, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't know that this feature has "gone paid."

    I can't even get it to work and MSP360 support refuses to help me.

    That makes me feel super-good having to pay for this. Wow.
  • David Gugick
    What problem are you having?
  • Bruce Tyson
    I’m trying to set up Connect on Mac, but it asks me for an activation code. Since I’m a subscriber, I should be able to get an activation code, but MSP360 refuses to help unless I pay a $500 onboarding fee.
  • David Gugick
    I believe I answered you in another post.
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