• File level restore from image based backup via console
    Well i think in 9+ months you could do that. Seems like it's not a priority.
  • Main Dashboard -- what's missing?
    I'm not sure this is main dashboard updates but I'd think you'd want to fix some of the major glaring issues you have with other features of the product before you want to upgrade the main dashboard.

    A few very basic underlying functionalities that you don't have make it difficult to manage multiple clients. The GUI is not great at these things or they just do not exist which is not good.

    - Can't configure image based backup templates from the portal
    - Can't restore file level from an image based backup from the portal - Someone requested this 9+ months ago and it's still not implemented.
    - Status on agent backups are not accurate. Files are not being backed up but the backup status shows green.
    - You have no real time reporting on backup status. Just "running" is not very good.
    - You don't even have a best practices document on what works best.
    - etc....
  • File level restore from image based backup via console
    So what is the status on this? 9 months have gone by and this basic functionality is still not in the product portal. Tough to use the product without these basic functionalities like configuring image based templates, restore file level from image based, etc...


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