• Reporting to provide customer
    This may not be in keeping with what Derrick needs but do you know if it is possible to create a report like that found under Report / Scheduled Reports, that can be focused on a single customer, not all customers?
  • MSP360 Managed Backup 5.2 with New Backup Format, GFS, Restore Verification and more
    Thank you David. I understand your distinction between ost and pst files. So MSP360 will backup the *.ost files if not excluded from the backup, correct? As you mentioned these ost backups are not likely very usable as the data normally needs to be downloaded from the mail server if lost or damaged. Just trying to determine if a user has an ost mailbox with 20 GB of data if MSP360 will be backing this up and if excluded will be skipped from the backup.
  • MSP360 Managed Backup 5.2 with New Backup Format, GFS, Restore Verification and more
    Thanks David! In another discussion someone spoke about ost email data files. I think that it was mentioned that we don't need to back these up as the email is stored on the email server and to recover the ost file the emails need to be re-downloaded from the email server. If these ost files are not excluded from the backup, will MSP360 try to back these ost files up? In other words, will excluding the ost files from MSP360 backups make backups run faster and use less bandwidth?
  • Delete Cloud Data When No Longer Using A Backup Plan

    Sometimes I want to do just delete all data associated with the endpoint which the process I listed may accomplish, if you can verify.

    Other times we have used multiple backup plans (image, hybrid, files) for an endpoint and want to delete just the data associated with one plan (i.e. hybrid). Not sure how to accomplish this.
  • MSP360 Managed Backup 5.2 with New Backup Format, GFS, Restore Verification and more
    Thanks Steve Putnam. This helps some. We see a few computers whose backups should not be too large daily that actually upload 20 GB or more daily. Files are primarily stored on external file servers so users work during the day should not involve many new or changed files. The large upload causes increased storage usage and a longer backup duration making it difficult to complete backups of all computers overnight with the available data bandwidth. I would like to pinpoint what contributes most to this large upload size.
  • Windows 11 Compatability
    Excellent. Thanks.
  • Restore to Azure
    Please advise if you find an answer to this.
  • Backblaze Synthetic Full
    That is significant reduction in time to create the synthetic full backup. I presume that this is when using the new backup format, is that correct?
  • MSP360 Managed Backup 5.2 with New Backup Format, GFS, Restore Verification and more
    Is there a way to see what files were uploaded and file size that was uploaded in the course of a New Backup Format synthetic backup? I too am seeing a large amount of data uploaded by some computers that don't have much new file creation or file changes daily. Knowing the what is taking bandwidth and storage might help me optimize what might be excluded from the backup.
  • Retention Policy Question

    Thank you Steve and David, this is all very helpful.
    However, the option to "Always keep the last version" only exists in the File Level backup plans, and not in Image Based plans. Is it by default set to keep the last version in Image backups?

    For the record, I am using both and, and both versions are configured this way.
  • Retention Policy Question
    So would it be correct to say that MSP360 will purge the backups based on which option results in fewer versions?

    Also, if we were to set the "# of versions" to 1, would that literally only keep a single version of all files, even if it were also set to keep versions for a full 30 days?

    If we had a file that was older than one month, but had not been deleted, and we left the "# of versions" unchecked, would this file still be saved despite its age?

    I apologize for all the questions. Yet we haven't found very detailed documentation on the various retention policy options and how they interact. Is there some documentation that defines options?
    Thank you once again for your assistance.
  • Retention Policy Question
    Thank you, I believe I understand your first answer.

    2. That makes sense that it is an OR condition, but are you saying that backups are kept based on whichever is greater (i.e., whichever option results in more backup versions)? Or would they be kept based on whichever resulted in fewer backup versions?

    As an example, say that I set my backups to delete versions older than 1 month, and to keep 45 versions of each file.
    Would MSP360 purge my backups after:
    a) 30 days, since this is likely to come first?
    b) I had accumulated 45 file versions, since this is likely to come second?

    Since this is an OR condition, I am trying to understand under what circumstances would one of these options take precedence over the other when they conflict. Hopefully I am being clear. I am attempting to reach back to what I remember from a high school Logic class, and as you see the results are mixed.
  • Retention Policy Question
    Thank you for your response Steve. If you don't mind, I have some clarifying questions to help me better understand how this works.
    1. It sounds like you are saying that the time needed for backups to "age" to 90 days is affected by the frequency of the full/incremental backups--is this right? Does running a full/incremental backup trigger the purge of files older than 90 days?
    2. If we have both the "# of versions" and "older than" options enabled, will MSP360 keep the maximum number of versions/days? In other words, will MSP360 acquiesce to the "# of versions" option if it allows for a greater number of versions than the "delete older than" option allows?
    Thank you for your assistance!
  • File and Folder - Confused About Chained Backups
    You might want to submit a ticket on this. Sometimes these issues can get a bit confusing.
  • New Version - Backup Agent 7.2 for Windows
    Started a new Image Based Full backup using the new backup format. This full backup will take many days to complete. Does anyone know if the backup were to get interrupted, will the backup pick-up from where it left off or will it need to run again from the beginning when it restarts?
  • New Version - Backup Agent 7.2 for Windows
    Do you know if Remote Deploy will in the future support the new backup format?