• MSP360 Portal Very Slow
    Thank you, David. It seems like it is changing, where some computers were essentially inaccessible from the portal but are now accessible. Right now, it looks like it is only a single computer that is not load when I tried to view it under Remote Management. I will create a ticket.
    Thanks for your quick and helpful response!
  • Automated test restores
    Justin, would be curious how your testing goes. Is it possible that you may do this with the New Format backups and with Restore Verification? We are running this on one machine but have not gone further than to view the Restore Verification daily backup email screen shot and once in a while manually doing a test restore to virtual machine. Although we have only done limited testing so far things seem to be working.
  • Execute Following Plan After Backup Completes - New Format
    I believe the issue that kept us from using chained backups before was that either the subsequent plans would always run as full backups, or would never run as full backups (I can't remember which it was), no matter what the initial plan was scheduled to run. Has this been resolved?
    Our goal is to run monthly incremental full backups on each of the plans in the chain. To accomplish this, would we only setup a schedule on the initial plan?

    Also, we are not using GFS currently. If we were to use it in the future, should we just set each individual chained plan up with GFS identically? Or does setting GFS on the first plan establish it for the rest of the subsequent plans?
  • Execute Following Plan After Backup Completes - New Format
    Has anyone else been using the chained backups with success? Any suggestions?
  • How does CBB local file backups handle moved data?
    Is the reason that you use legacy for local and cloud file backups due to the amount of storage space taken up by the local backups? In other words, do you keep only one copy of the backup data reducing your backup storage required by about 50%?

    If you do monthly full backups and set retention to 30 days would the prior full backup be deleted upon the creation of the new full backup?
  • Execute Following Plan After Backup Completes - New Format

    Are the chained backups now ready to be used? We are using the new format backups using version . We run some image based and some files plans. I'm referring to the Pre / Post Actions, Execute Following Plan After Backup Completes section of the backup plan settings.

    If Yes, are there any best practices or caveats to keep in mind? Any there any factors to consider regarding Execute Full Backup (Synthetic Full If Possible)?
  • Agent v7.4.3.5
    I see, thank you David!
  • Recommended Backup Exclusions
    Hi David,

    Thanks. Concerning being able to see the files backed up, and possibly sorting by size via the agent History tab, if it is there I have not been able to find it. I looked at both a local and a cloud image backup plans to try to find this information. Please let me know when you have had a chance to check. We are running new format using MSP360 version in case this matters.
  • Recommended Backup Exclusions
    I think that this would be a very helpful option.

    One additional feature could be the ability to see in a more granular fashion what is in the backup data. This might allow the administrator to find the files are significant in size, that may not be temp or cache files, that might be candidates to be excluded from the backups.
  • RMM Offline - Option to automatically restart the service?
    Are there any updates on this issue? This is an ongoing problem for us.
  • How to Change Backup Agent Icons Remotely
    I believe the agents have been upgraded multiple times since the icons have been updated.
    I just created a ticket with support. Thank you!
  • How to Change Backup Agent Icons Remotely
    David, does the new information I provided help give a better picture of what is going on here?
  • RMM Offline - Option to automatically restart the service?
    Just to add to what I said before, it seems that we often have times when the backup software is unresponsive when we want to start or stop a backup plan manually from the portal. It seems to take restarting the backup services in order to get the backup software to respond.
  • RMM Offline - Option to automatically restart the service?

    We have had a similar issue sporadically. A computer will go offline according to the MSP360 portal, but we can tell its still online through our other monitoring tools. And we can fairly easily bring the computer back online in the eyes of MSP360 if we restart the two backup related services. Out of our roughly 70 managed computers, it seems that we have a few needing service restarts every other week.
    We would be interested to hear what Russel's support ticket results in.
  • How to Change Backup Agent Icons Remotely
    Sorry for the slow response. This issue still seems to be present to an extent. Last year, we edited the MSP360 Backup Agent icon by putting our logo as the taskbar and desktop icon. However, it looks like in several cases the icons are showing up as older versions of our icon (we experimented with a few versions of our company logo over time). Obviously we would like to have the newest version of our icon on the backup agents, and this doesn't seem to be happening even though practically all of our client computers are on the 7.3 version of the backup agent.
  • Feature addition suggestion: Warn before shutdown/restart/sleep when running backup
    That is an interesting request. I would be in favor of this feature so long as the user could ignore the message if the user felt that a reboot was necessary.
  • Compatable With Hosted Exchange?
    That is correct. It is not. Thanks for the information. Very helpful.