• Newbie Guide to Unattended Remote Access
    Ok, so I got the encryption cleared. It seems as though I need to have a Windows Password set in the OS, otherwise there is no password needed to access an unattended computer. Why can't I set a custom password for unattended access, and/or is simply using encryption with no password safe?
  • Newbie Guide to Unattended Remote Access
    Now upon trying to remote access the target computer I'm getting a "Service key request failed:insecure connection
    request expected: remove public encryption key."
    I would gladly remove the encryption, but the software shows not way of doing that. I have the encryption box unchecked on target computer. Doesn't help.
    You get what you pay for, I guess.
    Sorry, super frustrated.
  • Newbie Guide to Unattended Remote Access
    Long story short I followed Tony's instructions above and got Unattended Access set up and successfully accessed the target computer. (The instructions would be more clear using "target" and "host" to designate which computer is which.)
    Unfortunately the target computer does not and will not be using a Windows Password, so other than the encryption key there was no password needed to access the target, AND ticking "Enable Custom Password" and setting that up did nothing.
    In trying to get that working I can no longer access the target computer at all because the encryption key must have somehow gotten changed and I get a " Key request failed: insecure connection request expected" warning. Even after going through the instructions and setting up encryption again, no luck.
    I also tried uninstalling the software and reinstalling it, which changed nothing.
    I really wish this was more user friendly for us laymen, as it seems like it works really well otherwise.
    If someone has a fix that doesn't require a computer networking degree, I'm all ears.

    Thank you in advance.

Travis K

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