• Backup of Box Drive content with CBB does not work
    Hi Anton and thank you for the reply. Unfortunately it does not solve the issue. Still does not back up Box Drive content, even after reboot.
  • Backup multiple user accounts on same Mac
    Thanks for the suggestions. I will check that.
  • How to exclude files of type "script"?
    Thank you Caleb for the clarifications. I will check if I can find any pattern in the file name I can use to exclude a file.

    Can I use *\* to exclude files that include a backslash?

    Thanks again.
  • Ignore SSL Certificates as Network Preferences Default
    This is good news. Thanks for the update.
  • How to restore from a new computer
    Thanks for your quick reply Julia.

    The UI is not entirely identical. The procedure above says "Click on the “File” menu and select “Amazon S3 Account…On the “Amazon S3” tab click on the “Add” button". On CBB for Mac, the destination types do not appear under File.

    I suspect that what I need to do instead is to add a new Backup Storage, and then follow the steps above?
  • Ignore SSL Certificates as Network Preferences Default
    Thanks for the clarifications. I am fine now. :-)

    Just a suggestion to CB. It would be great if we could have access to a CBB for Mac documentation where this information would be available. I found Help Documentation for CBB but it is for Windows.

  • Ignore SSL Certificates as Network Preferences Default
    Thanks again Julia. But still, when the SSL certificate is ignored, does it mean that the communication between CBB and remote Minio server (over internet) is not protected via SSL?
  • Ignore SSL Certificates as Network Preferences Default
    Thank you Julia for the information.

    The information at the provided link states that "Suppose you're running a server with self-signed SSL certificates and Minio as your backup destination. To avoid backup failure, CloudBerry Backup disregards the self-signed certificates and proceeds with the backup process. In release 2.4, we've added the option to fail a backup plan if the SSL certificates on the backup destination are corrupt."

    I am not sure I understand correctly the way it is written:
    . In 2.4, if the "Ignore SSL certifaces" check box is checked (selected), does CBB ignore SSL certificates ALL THE TIME, i.e., not only when the certificates are corrupt?
    . If CBB ignores the SSL Certificates, does it mean that the communication link between CBB and the remote Minio server IS NOT over SSL, i.e., it is not protected?

  • Minio error messages
    Hi. Just wanted to provide an update on this. I updated my Minio server to the latest version and the error messages disappeared. The issue was apparently related to the version I was using. Thanks.
  • Minio error messages
    Hi Caleb and thank you for the follow up. I will explore the Minio/Account permissions avenue although I did "chown'ed" the Minio HDD to the same account under which Minio is running. However, as I mentioned before, what I find strange is that despite these "no such file or directory" and "file acces denied" Minio error messages, the directory ARE created and the files copied on Minio server. I can see them via the Minio web access, and I can restore them from CBB client application. So in some shape or form the whole process works, and CBB reports a "success" for the whole backup plan and for each file individually.
  • Backing up from/to external USB HDDs
    Hi. Just want to provide an update on this. Unfortunately the proposed solution did not solve the issue. Everytime CBB schedule times out while the mac is powered off, I get an error message seconds after booting up the mac: "Error: Some items not found Directory not exist".

    Here are extracts from log files where CBB cannot find both source nor destination folders (both are external USB HDD):
    2018-04-25 06:34:17,638951 [ERROR]: [ CBB ] [ 5 ] Specified path does not exist: /Volumes/MesFotos
    2018-04-25 06:34:18,743601 [ERROR]: [ CBC ] [ 10 ] Directory not exist: QUrl(file:///Volumes/VroumVroum/Sauvegarde CBB)

    I checked if the defaults command worked correctly and apparently it did:
    defaults read /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/autodiskmount
    AutomountDisksWithoutUserLogin = true;

    When the CBB schedule times out while the mac is powered on or when I trigger the backup manually, backups are successful.

    Any hints to solve this would be appreciated. Thanks for the help.
  • Backing up from/to external USB HDDs
    Thanks Robert for the hint. I will try this.

    However I am just curious if there is any security risks in automounting the disks without user login?
  • Problem with Minio SSL
    Hi. I want to run CBB on Mac OS X 10.11.6 and backup to a remote location Minio server on linux. I want to setup encryption but based on the above there seems to be issues with encryption for CBB/Mac backing up to Minio. I would be interested to hear back from anyone who has succeeded to enable encryption in that setup. Thanks.