• RA Servers down?
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  • RA Servers down?
    This was in another thread that I'm copying here. Sounds like a little different description of the same issue.

    Hey RA gurus... RSVP?

    MSP360™ Remote Assistant - Locking Up

    MSP360™ Remote Assistant for Windows, version 2.5.051 Operating System Windows 10
    Remote user is able to logon and connect. The host computer locks up after a while leaving the remote user unable to operate the host computer.
    Please advise a fix.
    Thank you.
    Ended: Mon, Dec 30, 9:00 AM0

  • RA Servers down?
    Hi Again,

    Another question that may be a server issue. We're a non-profit in NM and operate a Non-Commercial / Educational full power FM radio station. We use RA to program our schedule from wherever I might be, at home near the station or, currently, Los Angeles. We've been using RA for the last several months w/ good results - given its "development" status, ie not perfect but functional and promising. I hope it becomes "Team Viewer for the rest of us."

    In the last couple of days, I've been experiencing absolutely glacial latency. When logged in to the station automation computer I would normally see the audio bar graph meters moving in something like "real time" and, yes, the seconds on the digital clock as well. We simulcast the FM content on a webstream which I can monitor in real time and there are no issues of bandwidth there. This is NOT monitoring that audio via RA but the single stream that we send to our distribution server which is in turn relayed to our audience anywhere on the web. Checking RA just now, however, the seconds freeze and only update every 3 or 4 seconds. So, obviously this is a matter of updating my remote screen when logged in to the station - NOT a local bandwidth issue that affects the webstream.

    So my question is...

    Is this extreme latency related to your server? Or can you suggest another cause, given my description?

    Again we've been using this for several months and are accustomed to occasional and brief latency issues but this has been continuous and extreme for the last couple of days.


  • RA Servers down?

    Same question here - Sun 191215 from ~2pm PT til now, ~5:30.

    Internet access fine on local and remote w10 boxes but

    Is there a place on the site that indicates when the server is down?
    rem asst 191215 disconnected (37K)

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