• Koji
    Are the RA servers down today?
  • Gleb
    Hey , please take our apologies, it was an urgent maintenance on our side. Now the US server is up (the only one that was not available)
  • Gila Mimbres Community Radio

    Same question here - Sun 191215 from ~2pm PT til now, ~5:30.

    Internet access fine on local and remote w10 boxes but

    Is there a place on the site that indicates when the server is down?
    rem asst 191215 disconnected (37K)
  • Sergey N


    That is correct, the issue has already been resolved. The outage only occurred on our US-East server and partly wasn't related to our software. The servers are up and running and we are thinking about the monitoring page, thank you for suggesting it.
  • Gila Mimbres Community Radio
    Hi Again,

    Another question that may be a server issue. We're a non-profit in NM and operate a Non-Commercial / Educational full power FM radio station. We use RA to program our schedule from wherever I might be, at home near the station or, currently, Los Angeles. We've been using RA for the last several months w/ good results - given its "development" status, ie not perfect but functional and promising. I hope it becomes "Team Viewer for the rest of us."

    In the last couple of days, I've been experiencing absolutely glacial latency. When logged in to the station automation computer I would normally see the audio bar graph meters moving in something like "real time" and, yes, the seconds on the digital clock as well. We simulcast the FM content on a webstream which I can monitor in real time and there are no issues of bandwidth there. This is NOT monitoring that audio via RA but the single stream that we send to our distribution server which is in turn relayed to our audience anywhere on the web. Checking RA just now, however, the seconds freeze and only update every 3 or 4 seconds. So, obviously this is a matter of updating my remote screen when logged in to the station - NOT a local bandwidth issue that affects the webstream.

    So my question is...

    Is this extreme latency related to your server? Or can you suggest another cause, given my description?

    Again we've been using this for several months and are accustomed to occasional and brief latency issues but this has been continuous and extreme for the last couple of days.


  • David Golden
    I too have noticed a lot latency and not being able to connect. The latency I have been experiencing today is between 9-10 seconds and sometimes longer. I also had trouble the first two or three times I tried to connect. I put in a support ticket.
  • David Golden
    Still having major latency issues.
  • Patrick P
    I am seeing the same issue? any news on your end?
  • Gila Mimbres Community Radio
    This was in another thread that I'm copying here. Sounds like a little different description of the same issue.

    Hey RA gurus... RSVP?

    MSP360™ Remote Assistant - Locking Up

    MSP360™ Remote Assistant for Windows, version 2.5.051 Operating System Windows 10
    Remote user is able to logon and connect. The host computer locks up after a while leaving the remote user unable to operate the host computer.
    Please advise a fix.
    Thank you.
    Ended: Mon, Dec 30, 9:00 AM0

  • Gila Mimbres Community Radio
    That, is...

    répondez s'il vous plaît!
  • John R Raffield
    MSP360 .... Please post some information. I was literally 2 days away from becoming a paid user of the backup software as well as utilizing the remote assistant, because I believe that in time MSP360 will make remote assistant a paid service with improvements - but because I have now had to purchase another remote software (that also comes with cloud backup services) I probably will not unless there starts being some type of response to these issues.
    Please respond. I remember some day last week, maybe December 27, 2019??, that said Remote Assistant servers would be down for maintenance or something.... did they not complete that or is something else broken because of M$ windows updates?
    Thank you... I actually have recommended your remote assistant to several people that were looking for a viable solution other than logmein and TV.
  • MikeMc
    Having latency issues here also. Works ok for about 20 seconds and then slows down to about 10 seconds delay per keystroke. Appears to be the screen refresh delay?
    Gonna have to switch to something else next week.
  • Philipp
    I have to join into this issue, very similar observations here (Germany) since a few days (not exactly to pinpoint, after holiday and turn of the year back to everyday operation since Monday, 6th Jan. Issue appears since then, maybe earlier):

    "Connecting..." status displayed for 30~60 seconds after starting RA.
    Subsequently "Registration in progress..." status displayed for 10~20 seconds
    After that "Ready to Connect" status display.
    When connecting afterwards, all the steps displayed also take much longer than, well, last year.

    When operating a remote session, this works for up to maybe a minute or shorter, then a phase of extreme lagging follows (10/20/30 seconds for even executing a mouseclick on the remote machine), unclear duration, then maybe again a short phase of relatively fluent operation, then again lagging and alternating these in the subsequent time.

    Plz explain and update – tnx in advance
  • Sergey N
    Hello Philipp,

    Thank you for pointing it out, I have answered your other post regarding this situation. Cheers!
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