• Deployment using msi

    Never told you thanks for the link to the command line install options, so a bit belated, but thanks!

    Any way we might be able to provide an encryption key with command line install? That might include pointing a already existing config file. I've discovered that copying a config file from a previously installed copy will keep the encryption key on the second machine. This is EXTREMELY helpful when wanting to have same security settings on a group of computers. Keeping track of separate encryption keys for EVERY SINGLE install is a bit too much so have gone to copying config files as part of installation in some of my use cases.

    Also, ability to set PIN and/or password, along with other settings of a silent install would be FANTASTIC! Again, this could be accomplished with being able to point to a config file with the installer command line options.

  • Has future update of remote assistant v2.3.0.52 changed?

    Noticing that when remoted into 2.4 machine, the "Check for Updates" is still not there in the Remote Desktop menu on the remote machine, same as @AlexSeidel said was the case in release 2.3.

    I have noticed this being a problem with not being able to remotely update some of my machines. On a couple of them, I still luckily happened to have a copy of another party's remote support app and was able to get Remote Desktop client updated within the other app's 5 minute connection timelimit.

    Would really really love to see remote update capability brought back in a 2.4 patch or when 2.5 get released. Makes is quite hard to not be able to remotely update those machines on 2.3 and 2.4.

    FYI, do absolutely LOVE the multi-connect support that we got in version 2.4!!!

  • Remote Assistant/Remote Desktop 2.4 release notes?/Name Change
    An noticed today that previously was on v2.4.0.47 and today Check for update, showed version so would be nice to know fixes in this last update as well if willing to share!

  • Deployment using msi
    Can you add my name to the request as well? Would love an MSI and/or silent install capabilities!

Jared Pickerell - DCEduCoop

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