• Move command ICON
    Thanks - is there a manual I can download to stop me asking dumb questions?
  • Change CloudBerry computer ID
    Thanks - all good now
  • Help us choose the next big feature
    I am a disgruntled TeamViewer user - I was told I had to buy a licence even though I am not using it in a commercial way.
    Love this product.
    One nice-to-have would be the ability to rename the connections so that instead of "999999999 (Laptop-XXXXXX)" to a more user friendly "Wifes_Laptop".
  • Unattended Access public key error
    Based on your comment above, when I create a new key and copy and paste it to a file (instead of using the save to a file option) the key is now valid and can be used to gain access to the object computer.
    After that I found another issue. The object computer is a recent build and was configured with a Microsoft account and PIN to sign in. Remote access was being rejected with invalid credentials. In desperation, I changed the login to a local account and a traditional password - the remote access is now working.
    Thanks for your help, this issue is now resolved in my case.
  • Unattended Access public key error
    Here is the key file also - I will now change the key on the Target computer.
    ra-key-TLCCSECRETARY.txt (2K)
  • Unattended Access public key error
    I will be away for about 4 days so I won't be able to respond to any thoughts / actions till then.

    As mentioned in my post, I have also used the "Read it from file" option as well with the same result on several different key files generated by the Target computer.
    Thanks for your quick reply.
    After OK pressed (30K)
    Before key pasted (12K)
    Key highligted before paste (64K)
    Key pasted (21K)
    Text key to be pasted (61K)
  • Unattended Access public key error
    I have just installed the software on 3 local Windows 10 computers. Two of them have unattended access enabled and I can access one OK. When accessing the other one I keep getting the error "Public key must be a base64 string". This happens when I copy and paste or Read it from the file. I have ensured there are no training or starting blanks in the key and the previous key has been erased before pasting. I have created different keys on the remote computer and each time I still get the error.

    Please advise how this can be resolved.