• keyboard input issues
    ... well that second log is going to take a while... lol lol lol ...since my connection is View Only - I won't be able to click the log until I'm actually sitting at the remote desktop (5 hours from now)
  • keyboard input issues
    Thanks Matt
    Robin... my ticket is [## 103040 ##] Remote Assistant
    I think you could email
    ...and ask them to add your logs to the issue
    ...sending my second log
  • Public key for unattended access all the same?
    and everyone ... I thought the keys were the same ... but realized they are not the same.

    They all start and end with lengthy identical strings - but the middle of the keys are different. I would bet the similarities are for identifying the key in the middle of other information. No proof - just a guess. Otherwise why bother with such a lengthy header and trailer that is always the same?

    ...regardless I satisfied myself that the keys are different for each machine.
  • keyboard input issues
    note ... I have opened a ticket and will post the response here.
  • keyboard input issues
    same issue arose mid-session about the same time as Robin's posted issue.
    As if the session had changed from Full Control to View Only