• V 7.0 with existing backup plans using a NAS errors
    Thanks @James Joy. I was running an image backup.

    @Dan H Unfortunately not. My case was closed as Unresolved as I had not sent in the logs, so I will not even get a notification of when it will be fixed.
  • V 7.0 with existing backup plans using a NAS errors
    Hi Dan. MSP360 (Mike) has updated the case I created with fixed in 7.0.1! :smile:
  • New backup format in V7 Cloudberry Backup
    Hi Eric,

    My old backup plan failed to run at all after the upgrade to v7, so it would seem to me that there are some issues with upgrading to v7 that we should be wary of. See V7.0 existing ... for the details of my problem with v7.

  • New v7 backup format--timing, conversion and risk
    Hi Nate,

    I installed v7, because it was available, and in the hope it would fix a problem where a scheduled backup runs, even when 'Run missed scheduled plan immediately when computer starts up' is unchecked, if the computer was switched off at the scheduled time. See Run missed ... Off course it was not fixed! :angry:

    To add to the pain, my existing scheduled task errored after the upgrade to v7 with 'The specified path is invalid'. I am using a Synology NAS as the destination. I created a case for this with the initial response being that it was a known problem! :brow: I will create a separate forum post discussing this in more detail.

    Today I created a new format backup, which worked perfectly. I particularly like the option of Restore Verification, as the main problems with backups, is that the restore is not easy to test, and you only find out there is a problem, when you are in trouble.

    So, at least for my environment, installing v7 meant I was forced to use the new format. I have not tried a new backup plan using the old format, as yet. :wink:

  • Missed scheduled plan - runs if unchecked when wake from sleep
    I am experiencing this problem on two different computers, both have been shutdown previously rather than in sleep mode. I suspect that powering on within 24 hours of the scheduled task time, might be a trigger.

    I logged a case, but the level 1 support person was only interested in me sending the logs, which I will not do, and not interested in this forum post suggesting it was an existing problem, or the information I provided. I see there is a new version available ( so I will see if that fixes this problem.


Jon Beets

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