• Backup fails to access local OneDrive folder
    Great, I look forward to it.
  • Backup fails to access local OneDrive folder
    Matt thanks for the update, and that is really good news. In what way will the new release handle these files? By skipping them, or does it back up the stub? I would prefer to back up the stub if it is possible to do that.
  • Backup fails to access local OneDrive folder
    Something really needs to be done about this. If you can't back it up, at a minimum MSP360 should be adding an option to suppress backing up these files so that it doesn't cause an error. We really need to be able to specify backing up an entire profile without having to resort to examining the profile to not back up the cloud directories.
  • CloudBerry MBS Backup Agent. Release Update 6.0. – March 6, 2019
    How to use the import / export for Azure? Can we now export a repository for importing through Azure Data Box Disk?
  • Restore from B2 snapshot copied to local drive
    This behavior doesn't support the use case to use the azure data box disk service or similar service to seed the offsite half of a a hybrid backup job. I attempted to seed an azure storage account as follows: 1) do local backup of files/folders to local NAS. 2) copy the data to the azure data box disk and have the data copied to azure storage account. 3) create a new hybrid backup job to sync the same data to local NAS and also to azure storage account 4) sync repository. 5) Run the new hybrid job. But I noted that cloudberry will not recognize the seeded data. Instead there will now be two copies of the data in the azure storage account, one with directory H$, and one with H:.