• Alex
    Same as for our MBS console, we made a huge work for our backup agent. Too many features, too many improvements. Here is our fresh backup agent version 6.0.

    • Wasabi EU region support. eu-central-1 (Amsterdam, NL) is now supported
    • IBB Backup Continue Upload After Error
    • VM/HyperV Continue Upload After Error
    • Exchange Continue Upload After Error
    • Store all backups with "$" instead of ":" (dollar, colon). This will make things simpler for seeding and export by using external appliances (like Snowball, Wasabi Ball, B2 Fireball, etc.)
    • Support for AWS S3 Intelligent-Tiering storage class
    • Support AWS Secure Token Service (STS) for Wasabi
    • MBS add warning status for backup plan
    • Send notification in case the Backup Service is stopped
    • Connect to Azure using Share Access Signatures (SAS)
    • Call web-methods for OnStart & OnUninstall events. Once the backup agent is uninstalled from the PC – computer will not be displayed on RM in MBS console. The opposite on the agent re-installing
    • Import/Export for MS Azure
    • Support Wasabi Ball
    • BackBlaze B2 Fireball support in Cloudberry Backup

    • ACL (NTFS permissions) taking too much time to process
    • IBB slow restore performance
    • Ransomware false-positive detection improvements
    • Real-time cycle is changed to 15 minutes. From version 6.0 default value for uploading files is 15 minutes (previously it was 1 minute)
    • Retention policy per destination for Hybrid backup. From version 6.0 it’s possible to customise retention policy per destination in Hybrid backup plan
    • B2 application keys in UI

    • Error removing lifecycle rule from Azure account
    • Error in setting lifecycle on Azure container
    • One or more backup path doesn’t exist/cannot be found. Issue while using %userprofile%
    • Error on reading plan configuration - Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    • Restoring Image based Backup to a Hyper-V VHDX Selected Partitions Limitation seem to count incorrectly
    • File Level Restore window is blank (Hyper-V VM)
    • Restore to EC2 fails. ERROR - Unexpected parameter rmexec
    • Can't restore Hyper-V from Azure
    • Hyper-V: incorrect snapshot creation order
    • Hyper-V: Item Level Restore folder tree is empty
    • Slow files/folders listing available for restore
    • Consistency check settings are not saved during the account creation after settings import
    • Logical / Physical Block size mismatch during restore
    • Something is wrong with enginesettings.list 
    • 'Run full instead of block level if total size of previous block level backups larger than' doesn't save from backup wizard
    • SQL Restore: Failed to restore Full backup
    • Item-level restore from IBB from foreign prefix fails - DiskImageMetadata.xml not found

    Go ahead, request new version under your account and give it a shot!
  • Den
    Does this fix the "sqlite "string or blob too big" error on image / system state full backup" error?

    Support told me in December update 6 would but I don't see it in the release notes.
  • Alex
    Hello Den, sorry for the delayed response. From what I see in our task tracking system, yes, it was fixed. You can give it a try and let us know if it works fine now. Keep us posted!
  • Den
    Yes, it actually did fix the issue and things are working fine for me now. Thanks!
  • alex2017
    Olá boa tarde. estou contratando o serviço de storedg da oracle e preciso da ferramenta de vcs para gerir os backup ; como contratar? vcs dão suporte da instalação? e por quanto tempo vale a licença? obrigado.
  • Alex
    Thank you for the heads up! Good to know!
  • Alex

    Por favor, nos contate no para maiores informações.
  • Chris Ruffin
    How to use the import / export for Azure? Can we now export a repository for importing through Azure Data Box Disk?
  • Anton Zorin
    You can set up Azure Data Box Disk as a Local Filesystem (using SMB protocol) and backing up to it. Once data is in Azure Datacenter, you need to run Synchronize Repository on the agent (Tools -> Options -> Repository tab -> Pick the right destination -> Sync now). This should do the trick.
    Thank you!
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