• Will Deselecting Files from File & Folder Backup Remove From Cloud
    What if keep last version is unchecked. Will de-selections get removed from cloud storage once retention runs out?
  • Suggestion - Better 2FA?
    Yes, as Luke said at the very least change the timeout period. I'd be happy even with several hours. I recently re-enabled 2-factor after disabling it awhile back because I couldn't handle how short the timeout period was paired with the msp dashboard responsiveness. It's not as bad now so I can live with it, but I agree with Luke and his suggestions.
  • Unfinished Large Files
    Same here, please add me to the notify list as well.
  • Editing "backup chain" action
    The backup chain option is not available when editing plans through the rmm dashboard, correct? I only see this option when editing a plan through the client...will it be available anytime soon?


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