• restore files from image back-up ntfs permissions
    Restoring the complete Image will restore the NTFS permissions as well.
  • restore files from image back-up ntfs permissions

    Currently, it doesn't. We have a feature request for it, so, for now, we can say that it will be implemented in one of the nearest releases.
  • Error: The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS

    Most likely, the issue comes from BackBlaze (we have heard several complaints recently). For now, it should already be fixed.

    If it isn't, you can add that certificate to the ignored list by going to the Online Backup -> Blue button -> Online Backup Account -> Advanced settings and the certificate question should pop up.

    If you do not want to ignore certificate, please contact BackBlaze regarding this issue - they should resolve it.
  • Purge files by doing backup
    Hello Stratos,

    There is a possibility that files, in fact, have already been deleted from the Glacier. Please synchronize the repository (go Tools > Options > Repository > Synchronize Repository) for Glacier storage account, and check out "Backup Storage" tab again.
  • "Searching for modified files, please wait..."
    Hello Ryan,

    The personal cloud storage solutions like Google Drive or OneDrive usually have very strict API limitations. Since 3 TB is a significant amount of data, we usually recommend switching to their "big brothers", like Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. Check out this article, for example.

    Now, I understand that switching over to Google Cloud might be pricey, so I may suggest considering BackBlaze or Wasabi as more cost-effective storage alternatives.

    Apart from that, feel free to send logs to our support team (go Tools > Diagnostic > Send to Support), so they could provide you with some additional recommendations.
  • Unattended Access
    Yes, we do.
  • File Transfers?
    That's right, we don't have this functionality yet, however, we plan to implement it with version 1.6, which is to be released soon.
  • Why remote assistant instead of other things?
    Regarding the TeamViewer, the key feature of Remote Assistant is its integration with other CloudBerry Lab projects, which is only going to get more and more tight and deep. For example, now you can see Remote Assistant integrated with a standalone version of Backup, even into the USB Image Based Restore which allows you to provide customer support for the users performing the Bare Metal Restore. This will also be introduced in the MBS builds soon.
  • What will be the pricing?
    At the moment we develop only one version which would be free forever and may be freely used in the commercial environment. We may introduce Pro version in the future, but we don't have any firm plans on this now, thus all the features that we have and those being developed now will appear in this free version.
  • Remote Assistant isn't running all the time
    We create a Service for Remote Assistant, so even if the app doesn't appear to be running it actually is listening and always ready to launch when the service will order it too. Thus you may feel free to close it after setting up Unattended Access, it will do the trick anyway without making the app launch on system startup.
  • Explorer does not synchronize
    It seems like your IAM user doesn't have enough permissions to access your CloudFront distributions.
    Please grant permissions more for your IAM user by performing these steps:

    1) Open the AWS Console and go to IAM
    2) Go to Users, choose your User
    3) Press "Add permissions" and select "Create a new policy"
    4) Enter some name, some policy description and the following as policy document:

    "Version": "2012-10-17",
    "Statement": [
    "Sid": "AllowAllCloudFrontPermissions",
    "Effect": "Allow",
    "Action": ["cloudfront:*"],
    "Resource": "*"

    5) Tick the corresponding checkboxes out
    6) Press "Next:Review"
    7) Press "Add permissions"
  • CloudBerry Explorer Not Working
    Please double-check your AWS credentials, seems like they could be out of date.
  • Can't list a bucket in Central region
    Please update the software, that should help.
  • CloudBerry Drive does not support B2 Storage.
    It is complicated to implement because of this storage specifics: for example, there is no way to replace a file simply uploading object with the same name.

    We have it on our roadmap, however, so sooner or later it will be supported.
  • Image Backup stuck at 85%
    To fix this issue, please do the following:

    1) Start CloudBerry Backup Service under administrator account: go to Tools > Change Service Account, enter local administrator account name and password, click OK. The service will be restarted automatically.

    It is generally recommended to use local administrator's account name because domain administrator is not always a local admin on the host machine.

    2) Make sure that VSS is enabled for partitions you are backing up and check the option "Use system VSS provider".
  • Can't upload to Wasabi
    This issue is usually being caused by having the symbols unsupported by Wasabi in filenames.

    Please remove all the illegal symbols from filenames and use only English symbols in case you're using Wasabi.
  • Disaster Recovery Testing

    1. You can restore the image as a virtual drive and try booting a virtual machine with it.
    We support 3 types of virtual drives:

    - for Oracle Virtual Box
    - for Microsoft Hyper-V
    - for VMWare ESXi

    After restoring the image to a virtual drive you should attach the drive to a virtual machine and try to boot with it.

    2. You can run a bare metal restore from the bootable USB drive:
  • Backups running too long
    We have no way of saying where this error comes from for sure since it is returned by the system.
    Usually this is an error related to source disk, however, in some cases, it might be the problem with the local destination.

    Such an error almost never relates to the cloud storage. Most likely, it means that the files on the system are either corrupted or the hardware does not allow them to be processed. This is most likely what causes this speed issue.

    Try applying the following changes

    1) Decrease thread count to 2 in Tools > Options > Advanced.
    2) Not run backup in high load hours (non working hours are recommended).
    3) Please go to Tools - Options - Advanced and reduce Chunk size to 10MB.

    Other general suggestions are:

    - Check S.M.A.R.T. status of the physical drive that is backed up, for example, with this tool -
    - Check that drive's partition file system integrity by executing in elevated CMD:

    chkdsk D: /f - where D: is replaced by the right drive letter

    You might need to schedule check on next run if it cannot be performed immediately

    Here is also the link that you might find helpful:

    After that problem is fixed please do the following:

    1.Install the latest version of CloudBerry Backup

    2. Please start Backup Service under administrator account: go to Tools > Change Service Account, enter local administrator account name and password, click OK. The service will be restarted automatically.
    It is generally recommended to use local administrator's account name because domain administrator is not always a local admin on the host machine.

    3. Run the backup operation again and check your backup speed.
  • Cannot finish first backup
    Backblaze does not support backslashes in the filenames. Please refer to the following article:

Ted Kopylovskiy

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