• Initial Licensing

    I do have a paid storage account linked to the backup through Backblaze and that seems to be working. It didn't stop at the 1TB limit which is what I was afraid of. My license still says trial version and I have no Subscribe buttons at all that I can see in my console. As long is the backup keeps going beyond the 1TB limit I was told the trial version is limited to though I can wait for the trial to roll over to a full license. I'm just hoping that happens though as again I don't have any subscribe button and the only purchase options I have are to buy $1 credits.
  • Internet connection is not available (Code: 1020)
    Submitted a ticket through the diagnostics. I bumped up my logging level to high and will run another backup and submit another ticket with that better logging.
  • Internet connection is not available (Code: 1020)
    Here is a copy of the error that just popped up. I hadn't noticed the error 1003 before now.

    your backup plan Backup Image Based / System State on 5/22/2021 12:23:23 PM COMPLETED WITH WARNINGS, please see below for more details.
    • Internet connection is not available (code: 1020)
    There were problems with the Internet connection during the plan execution
    • An error occurred (code: 1003)
    The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.