• Option to install Linux Backup in alternate path/location
    I'm running the web interface on Ubuntu 20.04 server ed. I tried stopping the systemd service and running the full gui manually but I receive a message saying "Could not connect to display."
  • Option to designate bucket subfolder for S3 backup
    I have CB installed on three different servers. I also use multiple other backup programs and also have different crons set to backup settings, etc., and then auto upload to different cloud storage providers. I have created separate buckets for each server and then subfolders within each bucket for each backup program/cron for the particular server. This setup -- at least to me -- makes it easier to monitor whether each program has backed up and uploaded correctly to the different cloud storage platforms. Since it's not possible to select a specific subfolder for CB, I need to create a separate bucket just for CB separate from the individual server buckets and then backup all of the individual servers within the same bucket. Maybe I'm being overly picky, but all of the other backup programs I use allow selection of subfolders (or allow manual input of the direct path to a subfolder).
  • Option to install Linux Backup in alternate path/location
    Thanks for the quick response. For some reason the console in my version of CB for Linux doesn't show the option to move the database (but includes the other options)? I attached a screenshot of the console panel.
    console (35K)