• Remote Desktop MacOS Activation Code
    Thanks for your response, David.

    I've posted here screenshots that show the sequence of events when I attempt to install Connect for Mac.

    I'm baffled at what the solution might be.
    connect step 1 no code 2022-05-30_18-26-46 (134K)
    connect step 2 download connect for mac 2022-05-30_18-27-38 (120K)
    connect step 3 no activation code 2022-05-30_18-29-05 (90K)
  • Connect 3.0 is Now Available
    I’m trying to set up Connect on Mac, but it asks me for an activation code. Since I’m a subscriber, I should be able to get an activation code, but MSP360 refuses to help unless I pay a $500 onboarding fee.
  • Connect 3.0 is Now Available
    Thanks Jared, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't know that this feature has "gone paid."

    I can't even get it to work and MSP360 support refuses to help me.

    That makes me feel super-good having to pay for this. Wow.