• Backups Stalling (Urgent)
    got a new backup plan stuck at running, just sent the Diagnostic Data! Would you mind checking if received data is correct? I'll keep the plan stuck on running, won't stop it by now.
  • Backups Stalling (Urgent)
    Alexander, got the ticket messages, but didn't replied because the problem didn't happened again. It surely happened, as shown by the images posted, but that was a single one. It might be a fluke, as among quite a few customers already updated to 7.9.3, it didn't happened again.
  • Backups Stalling (Urgent)
    hi Alexander ... it seems i'm seeing the same problem (backup kind of halted) with 7.9.3 ... this one is running for almost 2 days, I have watched it for at least 10 minutes and the file count is halted, it seems nothing is really happening.

    An incremental run, on this plan, use to take 5-10 minutes maximum to run.

  • Simple Question: How can I see (browse) what I have backed up?
    You can do that from the "Backup Storage" tab. Just browse to your storage, expand your backups, click on any chain (full backup = 4 green lines, incremental 1 green line and 3 gray ones), and browse paths on the right screen.
  • Backups Stalling (Urgent)
    hi Alexander ... were you able to get some extra details on this one, from the OP of this thread? I'm still facing the same problem in some places, i'm interested on the developement of this one. Thanks!
  • How to view backupo history and content for dead server
    Install Cloudberry on a new PC, active your license there or choose the "Restore-Only" license. Configure your S3 bucket and browse the data there.
  • Backups Stalling (Urgent)
    seems it can be download from: (please note this is a direct download from, not any personal mirror that might contain a infected file or something like that)

    I had a local copy, download the one from this link and they are a binary-match.

    I have downgraded in 3 different places, it's a simple "install on top", at least I didn't have to make any special procedure at all.
  • Backups Stalling (Urgent)
    Different place, same problem ... incremental run usually takes 25-30 minutes, had to stop it after 14 hours with the process completly froze (despite the msp360 app was not frozen).

    Downgraded to v7.9.1.128 and it seems to works fine again

  • Backups Stalling (Urgent)
    Downgraded to v7.9.1.128 and the (incremental) run successfully finished in minutes.

    For a comparison, with 7.9.1, even a full (synthetic) run took only about 55-60 minutes. According to the screenshot I posted, with 7.9.2, plan was stuck "running" for almost 10 hours and, worst than that, stats completely freezed, nothing seems to be happening at all and run would keep for hours and hours, days and days.

    Interesting difference: from 7.9.1, the number of scanned and processed files is VERY different. From 7.9.2, at least according to the screenshot I posted, those numbers seems to be almost the same ...

    screenshot from v.
  • Backups Stalling (Urgent)
    I believe i'm facing the same (or similar) problem SamboNZ reported, starting after updating MSP360 to v7.9.2.267. My backup destination is AWS S3.

    This backup plan, for example, never took more than 30 minutes to run (an incremental run). The number of scanned and processed files is not moving, really indicating nothing is happening. And the plan is running for almost 10 hours now. Never experienced that with previous v7.9.1 and v7.9.0 versions

  • Backupformat on existing backup jobs
    Easy to find just by watching the backup plan at "Backup Plans" tab. "New" Format will show paths to be backed up as "Archive", while Legacy Format will show as "Backup". The right part of the plan is also completly different from New to Legacy. The new have lots of information, while Legacy has almost none.

    NEW format
    LEGACY format
  • disable synthetic full backups
    c:\ProgramData\Cloudberry(something)\CloudBerry(another something)
  • how to get rid of backup chains?
    sent my email address via messages here on the forum, should be in your INBOX
  • how to get rid of backup chains?
    Hi Alexander ... it's me, once again, trying to continue on this thread.

    While sometimes removing and readding the S3 account seems to enough for msp360 not showing some backup chains I manually purged from the S3 bucket, as pointed on my previous screenshots, other times it doesn't seem to be enough, even I'm clearly seeing the backup chain is not on the S3 bucket anymore. If I point a complete new msp360 instance, on Restore-Only mode for example, the purged chain is really not shown. However, when trying to readd to the original msp360, even after shrinking database and everything else, in some cases the deleted chain insists on showing, and I can't have it to go away at all.

    Synchronizing Repository, as asked and tried, doesn't seem to change anything.

    Do you have any idea from where the backup chains information is coming from, if not from the S3 bucket itself? The chain is really gone, there's no traces on the bucket, but I can't get msp360 to stop showing it.

    I have also tried to completly delete the backup plan and recreating, but that seems to change some internal ID and completly new backups are started on the bucket, which is not what I'm looking for. So I believe that's not the direction (delete and recreate the backup plan itself)

    Would love some help on how to make msp360 not displaying already deleted, from the S3 bucket, backup chains!

    from S3 Browser, no GEN-00001 whatsoever
    removed S3 account, Shrink Repository Database, closed and reopened msp360 before readding the S3 account ... and the purged backup chain keeps showing!
    size on storage NOT AVAILABLE, the chain is not there, space can't be calculated, despite msp360 keeps showing it
    from another fresh MSP360 instance, on Restore-Only mode, only existent chains are really shown, maybe proving the information msp360 insists on showing is not coming from the S3 bucket, but from somewhere else
  • how to get rid of backup chains?

    No, I hadn't .... tried it and nothing changed. Actually, judging by the ilustration on the "Synchronize Repository" screen, it seems it's more updating the repository from local files than doing a real two-way "sync". After clicking on "Sync Now", progress indicators shows "files being added" ... but I can't see any real sync for dropping the inexistant backup chains.

    Tried another test, which I hadn't done ... removed the S3 Storage Account, did a 'Database Shrink" (for maybe trying to get rid of any remaining local informations), readded the S3 Storage Account and adjusted Backup Plan to indicate that Storage Account again. It seems to have done the trick! Backups chains I purged from the S3 bucket are not shown anymore. Tried running the backup plan and despite an initial step I hadn't noticed on other backups (Deep Sync Restore Points), everything seems to be running smoothly, backup is running as Incremental (which clearly indicates MSP360 recognized the S3 data). I believe that will do the trick!



    Thanks Alexander!
  • disable synthetic full backups
    Got answer from MSP360 support, seems I can easily edit the backup plan XML file and change the "UseSynthetic" from true to false, and that should do it.

    Anyway, there's no reason to not present that option for the user on the MSP360 Console, in my opinion, specially when it's already presented for some account-types, but intentionally hidden on AWS S3 ones.

    Please ask dev people to show the option and let the user decide :) Using Glacier IR for backup is great, cheap and "hot" storage, instant retrieval, but Synthetic Backups there will be bad, REALLY bad, because of the "Read" costs on the that specific S3 class.
  • disable synthetic full backups
    Tried adding the S3 bucket using "S3 Compatible" storage account instead of AWS one, and can't get past this error of "wrong region on authentication header". My buckets are on the eu-west-1, I even changed default region inside the account (via AWS Console), but no change. Seems us-east-1 is hardcoded somewhere, and I can't find it.


    I even tried creating a new bucket on the us-east-1 region, which get me past the previous (wrong region on authentication header) error, but even after choosing the correct bucket, created on us-east-1, and not any of the other ones which are on eu-west-1, i could NOT get success. Trying to access the newly created storage account always returns the error:


    So, I couldn't get AWS S3 buckets to work adding them with "S3 compatible" storage type, which SHOWS the "use synthetic full" backup option, the one i'm looking forward.

    How to enable that option on AWS S3 storage accounts?
  • problems with BATCH DELETEs
    after some debugging myself, i'm pretty confortable on generating and sending you, if you believe it could help, S3 bucket logging and also CloudTrail logging from the MSP360 request that got Access Denied, and the same request being made via AWS CLI, using the same credentials and same request values. If you believe that would be helpful, please let me know. In that case, I would might prefer opening a ticket to attach data, because it might contain sensitive information there.
  • disable synthetic full backups
    On the article I posted earlier, it says when using "S3-Compatible" storage the option of using syhtnetic is shown. I'm thinking of maybe, as a workaround, trying to add the AWS S3 Bucket, but somehow configured MSP360 with "S3-Compatible" and not "Amazon S3", so the option is shown and I can disable it. Do you think that would be possible? Haven't tested it, just had this idea as I really don't believe there's an easy way of disabling synthetic while using AWS. It seems MSP360 enabled it by default, taking out the decision from the user.

Leonardo Rodrigues

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