• Restore backup from Windows
    Now I can restore files stored in S3 but couldn't see any files in BlackBlaze B2 or in a external HD.

    Does Cloudberry Desktop for Linux support BlackBlaze B2 and local file system restore?
  • Restore backup from Windows
    I managed to restore from another Windows computer but couldn´t do the same from Linux computer. Is this blog post you refered supposed to work on Linux too?
  • File name encryption
    thanks for making things clear.
  • File name encryption
    I assume you would expect it to re-backup everything, right?
    Yes, that it was what I thought.
  • File name encryption
    On the other hand, every time I check/uncheck "Enable encrytion", Cloudberry Backup warns me that a full reupload is needed. That´s expected...My only doubts revolves around filename encryption.
  • File name encryption
    correct. I did that and now all filenames are plain text.

    But there´s something I didn´t get. I just want to be confident about these settings. I enabled filename encryption again however only two files were reuploaded: enginesettings.list and settings.list . Is that the expected behavior?

    Thank you again.
  • File name encryption
    , I can delete the ECBB folder manually but do I need to? Wasn´t Cloudberry Backup supposed to delete it after syncing repository, back all up...

    I did sync and back it up but it seems not all files were reuploaded. As an extra info during syncing process some files were updated promptly and then I was asked for the filename decryption password so the syncing could go on with its stuff.

    Do I really need to manually delete the folder?

  • Restore from external Hard Drive
    I´m using file name encryption indeed. It explains and solves the issue.

    Looking forward to see this fix implemented in the future.