• Backup path for FreeNAS - credentials?
    Please disregard. I figured it out. I was trying to write backups to the root dataset. Once I created a child dataset I was good to go.
  • Encrypted large backup, SMB or FTP. Should I do an image backup?
    Thanks David. I appreciate the help. Not sure what more I can do. The campus really wants us to move to Veeam since we have a campus license agreement in place. I am against it but we will see.

    Since we can't do a purchase order, it makes things more difficult in these times of budget cutbacks.
  • Deleting old backups from Azure blob storage
    And the fact that you need to check with your team is a sad testament to the horrible support cloudberry gives. Documentation on your site does not match your product. Support does not even know the product. No mention of new versions coming in v7. I still have a problem from six months ago that was never resolved.
  • Why was "Full Backup" changed\removed from interface
    Why even have block and incremental? WHy not just run incremental for all backups?
  • Deleting old backups from Azure blob storage
    For almost all of our servers, we have non-SQL databases that create daily backups and deposit them into a directory. I then backup that directory with CB. I do not need to keep five months worth of backups (which is what I have now) because a new file is made daily. Since the database is making a full backup nightly, I only need to keep maybe three backups at most. There are no circumstances where I will need to go back weeks or months.

    But it looks like your product cannot work for me the way I want it to. I want the entire directory backed up nightly (all files) and keep only three of those backup jobs. Why is this so hard to do with your product?
  • Why was "Full Backup" changed\removed from interface
    Will this be continued onto version 7?
  • Why was "Full Backup" changed\removed from interface
    You really need to figure out the terminology then because you say "only files that were or are backed up after the initial full are the ones that changed. We now call this an incremental backup"

    But yet a block level is "only the files that changed are backed up"'

    What's even more hilarious is that I have a backup set for a recurring "predefined" template of weekly incremental and daily block. Yet the weekly incremental does not get all the files in the directory. They are ALL JUST INCREMENTALS.
  • Deleting old backups from Azure blob storage
    I dunno, one would think that if you set a retention policy for 15 days from backup date...the files would purge after the 15th day. I guess that's not the case bPVF6Ry.jpg
  • Deleting old backups from Azure blob storage
    Really retention settings are dumb with your product because with all backups being incremental, I will need to keep stacking and stacking and stacking my backups because I may need to go back a year to recover a file that maybe hasn't changed in a year.
  • Why was "Full Backup" changed\removed from interface
    So you're telling tell me then, that I need to keep my first full backup forever, because it contains old files that never change?

    What if i set my retention policy to 15 days from backup date.

    Again, by your description, incremental and block level are the same thing. Only backing up changed files. So I just keep backing up ad infinitum because there is no need for retention because clearly I need to keep backups going back months and years because a single file was changed at some point.

    Why even have the distinction between incremental and block level since they're both just doing the same thing?
  • Why was "Full Backup" changed\removed from interface
    "all files in the backup set were never backed up in full as a group after the initial full backup"

    Okay, so on that page I linked to you have a graphic showing a (full) backup performed on Mondays with a three day retention. So are you telling me that the "full" or now the weekly incremental is not ALL the files in the directory and resets the archive bit?

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