• Alex
    Hello everyone!

    We all have been waiting for this for a long time and finally, this is it! Long-awaited MBS release, version 4.5.

    Here you go:

    • Google OAuth authentication for MBS console
    • Azure Stack as a backup destination is now available
    • O365/Gsuite: Azure Stack as a backup destination
    • AWS Hong-Kong Region is now available
    • New help engine\ User Interface (outdated topics to be refreshed soon)
    • Storage limits for O365/Gsuite backup
    • Option for removing a PC on Remote Management with subsequent actions prompt (release the license, uninstall the backup agent, remove from monitoring)
    • New Monitoring\History
    • RM: Support pre and post actions for macOS/Linux
    • Option for enabling the 'Synthetic full backup' for Wasabi from Remote Management
    • Add 'View purchase history' to the sub-admin permissions list
    • Reporting-> Backup History: Make the PC name clickable (open Plans side panel)

    • UI Improvements: New Image-Based backup plan wizard*
    • UI Improvements: New MS SQL backup plan wizard*
    • Licenses renewal notifications 30 days prior to the expiration for the yearly subscription
    • ConnectWise: update the ticket status accordingly is the status for a backup job was changed (for example, it was overdue, then it finished with failed status)
    • ConnectWise: Update opened tickets and open new if the previous one is closed
    • O365/Gsuite: Enabling/Disabling SharePoint/TeamDrives backups in the MBS portal
    • Advanced Rebranding: rename "console" to "backup agent"
    • Dashboard: Filter the graphics for admins by companies (now Administrators can see the graphs only for those companies that were assigned to them)
    • IP Whitelist: redesign and logic improvements
    • Group Report customization: now XSLT format is available. You can change it upon your needs
    • Group Report customization: Email Subject is now can be customized
    • Dashboard in GB only
    • Billing page measure usage in GB
    • Monitoring page performance improvements
    • Capacity report: filter data by companies which admin can manage
    • ‘Overdue’ status for consistency check
    • Backup history: now you can navigate to the computer
    • RM: display the user account instead of SID:... (computer is offline)

    • "No subscription found" error while trying to configure Lifecycle Rule for Azure storage account in MBS
    • Incorrect backup status in Monitoring for successful backup jobs
    • Restore to EC2/Azure VM - "Cancel" button does not work
    • ConnectWise: overdue tickets doesn't seem to be created
    • False overdue time message in new side menu when timezone in MBS is different from timezone on a machine
    • Real-time running plans are always marked as ‘overdue’
    • Backup History side panel: Computer name styles are different from plan list panel on RM
    • RMM Monitoring: no way to filter Running plans
    • IBB wizard. An issue with selecting partitions
    • RM: Sorting machines by status Offline is not working properly

    * Other backup plan wizards to be updated in upcoming releases

    Our team has done so many things. And now you can evaluate them and let us know what do you think.
  • Steve Putnam
    Lots of long-awaited features - ( I can finally delete old machines!)
    One gripe: Not liking that the Backup History in RMM now bringing me to the graphical history overview. When I want to troubleshoot to see what plans ran, what files failed, etc, I now have to go to Plans, select Legacy mode, then click Backup History, and then I can see the detailed history of all plans/ files.
    Would prefer a direct link to the detailed history from the main “gear” dropdown
  • Anton Zorin
    , thank you for your feedback. We'll discuss it internally.
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