• Ari Kangas
    Is there a way to get rid of the "Screen shared to: xxxx" window that hovers on top of everything during connection? I was planning to use this to manage a few digital signage devices and everything else works wonderfully but I don't want that eyesore there to bother the end clients whenever I need to do something. I tried to move it to the corner to hide it as well as I could but it's a lot of work and even then only works if the background of whatever's displaying on the screen is white.

    I've so far used Teamviewer, but would love to jump over to CRA for at least some of the jobs (and more when the product matures).

    Logged on using username/password, everything else works well but this is kind of killing it for us.

    Is there a way to solve this for me or shall I bury the idea for the time being?

    (Edit: anticipating possible questions: Yes, I need the remote connection to be on for a hour or two at a time, while the end user does some work on the machine and I need it to be unintrusive. Teamviewer shows the small tab (which disappears for example of you run powerpoint in presentation mode) and I'm ok with something like that, but not something that actually hovers on top of the presentation.) (Powerpoint just as an example, my main concern is it showing while stuff is running in full screen mode)
  • Anton Zorin
    , thank you for the feedback.
    Let us discuss it internally and we'll get back to you in this thread.
  • Ari Kangas
    Thanks for a quick reply. I still need to test it further to see how it reacts to dual display, but we've got some situations where we've got a laptop connected to a projector running Powerpoint (the usual presentation situation, with computer showing the Presenter View, the projector showing the presentation) and unfortunately we need to be able to stay connected for the duration of the presentation to make sure everything works and to react immediately if there are issues, but we can't have the popup disturbing the presentation. On the laptop screen we can possibly live with it, but even there we'd prefer to at least be able to have it drop under the screen while the presentation is on.

    I do hope this helps. From what I saw so far it seemed pretty nice. Quite a bit like Teamviewer, but of course still missing some features. While waiting I'll take a look at the rest of your offerings. =)
  • Sergey N
    Hello Ari,

    Just tested it with my colleagues and Powerpoint and everything worked perfectly, we have disabled - Always On Top mode by pressing a small gray pin in the connection panel, after that opened the presentation and it have never appeared during 40+ slides clicked through. have you tried doing it that way?
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