• Scott R Sutter
    I have been testing cloudberry backup and i have a few quesiotns.

    -im confused with the size limit. my s3 is unlimited storage, why does cloudberry say im limitied to a certain amount?
    -during my testing i pointed a local drive to my s3 destination which has folders and files in the same folder structure. For some reason cloudberry doesent realize i have those files and folders already in the s3 bucket and it keeps trying to upload the files.
    -i plan to use cloudberry only to back video, photos, etc type of files. Is this an appropriate product for that? I really have no use to backup system iamges or really anything else. I just want an automated way to backup our files as we are a tv production facility and have terabytes of vieo files.
  • David Gugick
    As far as storage limitations in various editions, you can find the feature matrix at the bottom of this page: https://www.cloudberrylab.com/backup/windows.aspx

    Regarding copying of data to S3: CloudBerry Backup is a backup product, not a file sync tool. So each file needs to be processed, logged, and moved to the backup storage in our backup format. From that point, you can manage version retention and backups of new versions and new files and restore needed versions when needed. It's not possible to use already uploaded versions of the files in their native formats. But once the backup is complete, you can opt to manually remove the old file copies in S3.

    File Sync is not really backup, but if it's what you really need, then another product is probably in order. If you want to describe your particular needs in more detail, we can provide additional guidance.

    BTW, it sounds like from your description, backup is what you need, but you'll have to use Ultimate Edition with the data set sizes you have.
  • Scott R Sutter
    ok thank you for the info. when you say "in our backup format" what do you mean? I just want a way to run auto backups on a particular folder that then gets uploaded to our s3 bucket.
  • David Gugick
    Then we're a good fit. You mentioned files were already copied to S3 and wanted to understand why they were being backed up if already in the S3 bucket. My comment was related to us requiring the backup file to be in our format I stead of simple copies you may have moved to S3. If I misunderstood, let me know.
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