• Anton Zorin
    4.1 (February 12, 2018)
  • Anton Zorin
    4.1.1 (February 13, 2018)

    - Hotfixes

    4094 Remote Management page shows no computers
    4105 User account assigned to machines on Remote Management page
    4106 Slow deletion of companies, administrators, and userdata
  • Anton Zorin
    4.1.2 (February 16, 2018)

    - Hotfixes

    4119 Multiple records for the same trial activated for the same device
    4098 Customers stopped getting email notifications
    3904 "Something has gone wrong" message on Remote management page
  • Anton Zorin
    4.1.3 (March 1, 2018)

    - Hotfixes

    4231 MBS slow performance on the Administrators page
    4154 2-Factor Authentication is not working on iOS
    4227 Fixed renew issue for some providers
    4247 MBS credits bug
    4213 Expired licenses are shown in the Available Licenses.
    4152 Storage Accounts: Can't open destination page for GCP accounts
    4173 Failed to edit user settings
    4175 New providers 2 GB test storage limit to be replaced with Unlimited when switching to own storage provider
    4167 New providers 2 GB test storage: Restore limit was set to 0 which means no restores
    4158 Hid "Unknown" EC2 instance type in the "Restore to Cloud"
    4235 Remote management show negative time after backup agent update
    4255 Fixed computers grid on Remote management page
    4116 Failed loading computer list on Remote management page
    4153 Remote access redesign on Remote management page
    4229 Wrong computer license info on Remote management page
    4168 Timeout error on Remote management page
    4218 Changing user account wasn’t saving
    4075 Check disk usage doesn't work
    4209 Scheduled reports: added all plan statuses to email report
    4203 Fixed email notifications: no more “Something has gone wrong”
    2883 Connectwise integration: Global option for billing
    4206 Reports: Plan Setting Report doesn't work
    4166 Search result on help page shows duplicated results
  • Anton Zorin
    4.1.4 (March 12, 2018)

    - Performance improvements
    - Some fixes on RM Management Tab

    4170 ConnectWise integration does not create tickets properly
    4270 SNS: unhandled exception
    4264 Group report: summary - add counters to all statuses
    3445 Slowness when browsing the MBS portal.
    3641 "Connect" button appears when "Remote connection" option is disabled
    4218 Adding/Changing account on RM page isn't being applied in some cases
    4229 Wrong computer license info on RM
    4241 Cannot find users that can be listed in RM but not on Users tab
    4280 No licenses on offline computers at RM page
    4287 Computer shown as offline despite it is online
    4288 Remote Management: computer without user showed as offline
    3002 RMM Monitoring provide outdated Last Result
    4088 Slow performance on Administrators page
    4267 RMM Linux\Mac after install or update machine offline for 5 minutes
    4275 Remote Management: All machines shown as offline
    4228 Group report - missing plan (listed 6 at the top, in fact 5 in detailed info)
    4250 RM: granting licenses should not pop up anything
    4264 Group report: summary - add counters of all statuses
    4223 License gets unassigned
  • Anton Zorin
    4.1.10 (March 26, 2018)

    Added new Google Cloud Platform regions
    Added "Čeština" language for notification emails
    Improved performance on several pages (including licenses page)

    4240 Slow performance on the licenses page

    3800 Changed message when creating a bucket in S3 with the name that already exist
    3686 Added new Google Cloud Platform regions
    4340 App crashed when calling Montreal region in GCP (depends on 3686)
    4344 Adding S3 account fixed layout
    4346 S3 account with IAM role and specific buckets can be saved with empty display name
    3642 Remove S3 RRS
    4096 Manual adding S3 account using IAM role according to the best practices
    3694 No error message about insufficient permissions on the IAM role creation
    3693 Access key/Secret key layout for AWS China
    3860 Storage Limit = 0 to show human-readable error.
    4108 Backup destination name for File System storage is not changeable
    4347 Disable autocomplete for secret key
    4045 Delete account: rename drop to delete

    3738 Add records to Audit Log when an offline machine being Hidden from RM
    4143 Force using TLS 1.2 when using during communication with Autotask
    1800 Backup agents to inherit "Use SSL" with the console
    4072 Administrator has access to list users with no designated company on Edit accounts for the user who's designated to a company
    3244 Unable to delete user data if there's only ECBB prefix (filename encryption)

    Remote Management
    3537 Calendar layout for point in time restore
    3543 Change service account option doesn't work
    3715 RM is not showing plans for specific machines
    4313 Rename does not work if computer name contain opostrophe ("'")
    4030 Add more plan statuses to status list
    4145 License not granted on RM page

    3880 Add "Čeština" language for notification emails
    4076 Error occurs when sending test emails
    4042 Notifications | SMTP: change error message to "Settings are not set"
    3599 Fix pies charts in Capacity report.
    3652 Notifications not being sent
    3912 Unable to send instructions after resetting password for user
    the page

    RMM/PSA integrations
    3981 Connectwise Manage: imported contacts being shown as modified
    4012 Connectwise Manage: some texts are not fully displayed in drop-down menu
    3985 Broken link for the note on send Billing to Connectwise Manage
    4332 Connectwise Manage intergration auth fixed
    4233 Connectwise Manage robot for tickets (create/update) instead of enduserapi
    4349 Connectwise Automate (former LabTech) plug-in uninstallation issue

    UI Changes
    3874 Renamed "S3 Accelerate" to "Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration"
    3861 Policy list is empty - need human-readable error.
    4322 Fixed prefixes view on Edit Account screen

    4367 Can't add Company when editing a user
    4044 New default values for Storage Costs page
    3398 Sub Admins can edit Company for a user
    4115 "Something has gone wrong" message on changing edition via MBS console
    4323 "Something has gone wrong" on storage account creation with existing test storage
    4059 Dashboard Information -> link to buy all expired licenses
    3548 Unable to save changes made on Backup Source page.
  • Anton Zorin
    4.1.11 (March 27, 2018)

    4240 Improved dashboard (the old one required a lot of computing resources)
  • Anton Zorin
    4.1.12 (April 2, 2018)

    4420 RM page performance
    4106 Company page performance
  • Anton Zorin
    4.1.13 (April 23, 2018)

    What's new:
    - Performance improvements
    - Bugfixes
    - Custom portal logo support (to be manually added though)

    4113 Web console custom provider footer logo support (to be added manually for now)
    Recommended size is 255 x 65 pixels / 90mm x 22.94mm / 3.54in x 0.90in /
    Format: PNG / SVG

    4435 Billing API returned "The requested resource does not support http method "PUT""
    4479 ConnectWise Automate Integration: tickets being created for all plan results (including success)
    4128 ConnectWise creates tickets for successful consistency check execution
    4483 Connectwise: correct %RESULT% macros to have OVERDUE or FAILED values to not confuse providers with success and warnings, since tickets are only created when a plan is overdue or failed
    4501 MBS Performance: User Authentication
    4537 MBS Performance: Storage tab
    4454 Added license type to the Purchase history tab for every transaction
    4471 Overdue plan on Monitoring page can't be deleted
    4508 Exception at Users page
  • Anton Zorin
    4.1.14 (May 24, 2018)

    What's new:
    - Backup Support Pack

    4607 Added Advanced Rebranding license to the Buy window
    4798 RMM page - new menu if to click on gear button